“Desperate Lies” Episode 2 Takeaway: Will Tomás leave Liana? A bizarre pregnancy threatens a marriage

Contains spoilers for “Desperate Lies” Episode 2 on Netflix

BRASÍLIO, BRAZIL: All episodes of ‘Desperate Lies’ have been officially released on Netflix, allowing viewers to watch the entire series at once.

The series revolves around Liana (Juliana Paes), whose unique pregnancy threatens her relationship with her husband, Tomás (Vladimir Brichta).

In “Desperate Lies” Episode 1, after discovering that Tomás cheated on her, Liana goes to a club and consumes alcohol and drugs. The brother of Liana’s friend, Oscar (Felipe Abib), sexually assaults her.

Later, Liana is shocked to discover that she is pregnant with two babies, each with DNA from Tomás and Oscar.

There’s a lot to discover in “Desperate Lies” Episode 2. So, let’s jump in!

Can Oscar be arrested for his crime?

Felipe Abib as Oscar in a photo film by
Felipe Abib as Oscar in “Desperate Lies” photo shoot (@netflix)

In “Desperate Lies” Episode 2, it is revealed that Oscar is very rich and spoiled. He owns a club, and his father is extremely rich.

At his club, his friend drugged a girl and raped her. The girl was a minor and accused Oscar’s friend of raping her. Oscar’s friend started blackmailing him because he knew they were in the same boat.

Tomás and his father are lawyers, and they helped Oscar in that case removing the accusations against him because Oscar’s father gave a large sum of money to Tomás’ father.

Tomás became angry after seeing how his father helped criminals because he thought that these crimes were serious.

If Tomás learns that Oscar is the man who raped Liana, the consequences will be severe. Tomás is happy because he is going to be a father and wants to give their marriage a second chance.

If Tomás learns the whole truth, he might decide to end his relationship with Liana. Given Oscar’s considerable wealth and influence, it is unlikely he will ever be arrested. His financial resources and connections could possibly shield him from some serious consequences.

Will Liana and Tomás’ marriage survive?

Juliana Paes like Liana and Vladimir Brichta like Tomás in a photo film of
Juliana Paes as Liana and Vladimir Brichta as Tomás in photo shoot of “Desperate Lies” (@netflix)

In “Desperate Lies” Episode 2, Liana finally reveals to Tomás the truth that one baby is his, but the other baby belongs to someone else. The episode ends with this revelation, and the uncertainty of their future together looms large.

Tomás may feel shattered and betrayed, believing that Liana has deceived him, as he is unaware of the complete truth. Without knowing the full story behind the paternity of the second baby, Tomás may find it difficult to forgive Liana.

Tomás can consider confronting Liana with the possibility of divorce and encourage her to consider an abortion. Liana already wants an abortion but does not want a divorce that could deeply shatter her because she does not see herself as guilty.

She can try to persuade her husband not to proceed with divorce and to listen to her complete story. Liana could plead with him, explaining the complexities of her situation and the reasons behind her actions.

It would be interesting to see what decision Tomás ultimately makes. His choice will likely have significant implications for their relationship and the future of their family.

Will he choose to listen to Liana’s full story and consider reconciliation, or will he proceed with a divorce? Only time will tell.

“Desperate Lies” Episode 2 is now streaming on Netflix

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