‘Eat food’: Kim Kardashian expresses concern as she looks ‘too skinny’ in new post amid Ozempic speculation

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: A huge transition was noticed in Kim Kardashian’s body in the media personality’s new post. The Kardashian star apparently looked much slimmer than before.

Kim’s collarbone became more defined and her legs looked slimmer in photos. This worried netizens who wondered if Kim was okay. Additionally, many claimed they missed Kim, who was older and a bit thicker.

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While Kim wore a purple mini dress, she captioned the post, “Purple reigns.” To which, one user commented: “Kim I miss you and you’re getting thicker.” Another replied: “But everyone hated her when she was.”

A concerned user suggested to Kim: “Kim is too skinny, try eating more.”

Another wondered: “I wonder when and why being “skinny” became so popular? Without wanting to throw any hate, just out of curiosity. And I’m not talking about thin but skinny. I just don’t understand the appeal of seeing bones and rib cages. “.

Another speculated that the reason behind Kim’s skinny legs was Photoshop. “Pictured purchased with a foot… not his usual turtle feet,” the user commented.

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Another disappointed user wrote: “I love Kim 💜! But get a little thick again, mom! Your curves were everything!!

Kim Kardashian looks
Kim Kardashian looks “too skinny” in new post (Instagram/@kimkardashian)

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Is Kim Kardashian taking the weight loss drug Ozempic?

No Kardashian member has ever publicly admitted to taking Ozempic. However, there have been many speculations and rumors circulating on the web about drastic weight loss. We often see netizens accusing Kim of taking Ozempic because she appears much thinner in her posts.

In one of her posts, a user commented: “Queen Ozempic.” Another called her: “The ozempic is the ozempicking!” “I think they are all on ozempic,” suspects another.

Kim Kardashian accused of using Ozempic (Instagram/@kimkardashian)
Kim Kardashian accused of using Ozempic (Instagram/@kimkardashian)

Kim Kardashian shares her new workout plan

Kim recently shared her new workout plan on social media, where she revealed all the exercises she’s been doing to stay in shape. Celeb Well reports that Kim is doing a session with her trainer.

The fashion mogul was seen focusing on her lower body, doing RDLs, hamstring curls and hip thrusts. Besides these exercises, Kim also uses certain products to stimulate her bonding. She uses eye cream to reduce puffiness around the eyes, hyaluronic acid and lots of moisturizers.

Kim Kardashian shares new workout plan (Instagram/@kimkardashian)
Kim Kardashian shares new workout plan (Instagram/@kimkardashian)

How many cosmetic surgeries has Kim Kardashian had?

From lip fillers to butt implants, Kim has reportedly undergone numerous beauty enhancement surgeries. However, the TV personality has only admitted to having botox done.

In one of the episodes of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, she said: “Half of mine are probably Botox.” She added: “No fillers. Never fillers either, ever.”

Kim reportedly had belly button tightening, laser hair removal, butt lift, skin tightening and lip fillers.

Kim Kardashian claims to have undergone numerous cosmetic operations (Instagram/@kimkardashian)
Kim Kardashian claims to have undergone numerous cosmetic operations (Instagram/@kimkardashian)

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