Edge’s 1 Genius Move Saved Randy Orton From Serious Pain After He Accidentally Dislocated His Shoulder

The Apex Predator Randy Orton was one of the fiercest competitors ever. Orton dominated the WWE for over two decades, giving fans some of the most unforgettable moments during his career. The Viper not only gave high profile matches but also served as a realistic and demonic heel for which his fans still admire him.

His infamous heel run in 2009 gave fans something they never expected from the Viper as he turned out to be a monster heel in the company. Feuding with the likes of Triple H and John Cena gave him more charisma and experience that was seen in future years for the Apex Predator. With such tremendous success, there were many risks involved for Orton due to his injury history and frequent mishaps during matches.

Of all his in-ring injuries, one of the most devastating occurred during his match against Edge at Over the Limit 2010. Their feud ignited when The Rated R Superstar attempted to reunite with Orton and form Rated-RKO to dominate the business. . Orton was not interested in the reunion which led to their potential match at Over the Limit 2010.

The match saw both superstars giving it their all and trying to gain an early advantage against each other. By forcing Orton into the barricade outside the ring, Edge established early control of the bout. After recovering, Orton executed a rope-hung DDT on Edge. Orton appeared to injure his shoulder preparing for his finishing maneuver, the RKO, and left the ring to try to heal. From the looks of it, the referee knew Orton had dislocated his shoulder and called to end the match immediately.

Edge’s quick decision helped end the match shortly after Randy Orton’s injury

As soon as Orton slid his way out of the ring, he told Edge that he might have dislocated his shoulder and he wouldn’t be able to continue. This is when they both decided to end the match early and change the written finish of the match. The Rated R Superstar told the referee about the finish they decided that would end the match quickly.

Orton walked away from the ring, soaking in the pain after dislocating his shoulder. Edge chased him and tried to hit a spear, but Orton managed to avoid it, causing Edge to collide with the barricade. As neither man was able to get back into the ring before the tenth count, the match ended in a double countout.

With a dislocated shoulder, Orton somehow showed up on RAW and was completely fine in the following weeks. The Viper then had several WWE Championship rivalries and was in the main title picture. However, these are only one of the misfortunes that Randy faced because of his shoulders in the company.

This is not the only shoulder injury that Randy Orton has faced in his career

When it comes to his matches, 14-time WWE Champion Randy Orton can be brutal and erratic, which is why the WWE Universe calls him the Apex Predator. During his illustrious wrestling career, The Viper displayed these traits and delivered severe blows to his opponents. However, this also implies that there were times when he had to endanger his own health in order to punish his enemies.

He suffered a shoulder injury that kept him out of the ring for several months. Surprisingly, this injury happened during his junior year in the WWE which was 2002. For Orton, however, the injury was a boon because WWE had him aligned with the Evolution faction as soon as he recovered.

Randy Orton in 2002
Randy Orton in 2002

In December 2012, Randy Orton initiated a rivalry with The Shield and was subjected to two attacks by the group. Fans soon discovered, however, that WWE staged this angle to force Orton off television while he took time to recover from a shoulder ailment. Orton suffered a dislocated shoulder at that year’s Tribute to the Troops event. His hypermobility on both shoulders contributed to the severity of the injury because it increased his risk of dislocating his joints and shoulder.

Because of his hypermobility, Orton was more likely to dislocate his joints and shoulder. In October 2015, he experienced another injury to his shoulder. At the 2015 Hell in a Cell PPV pre-show, Orton – who was involved in a feud with The Wyatt Family – was scheduled to team with Dean Ambrose to face Braun Strowman and Luke Harper in a tag match. However, a shoulder injury forced WWE to remove him from the show after which he missed nine months of action until returning in July 2016.

Randy Orton was seriously injured
Randy Orton was seriously injured (Credit-X)

In one of his recent injuries, after Orton and Matt Riddle lost to The Usos for the Raw Tag Team Championship, The Viper suffered a back injury. He would take a break for the rest of 2022, but WWE later extended this announcement to include most of 2023. While fans thought he would be retired from the sport, he shocked the WWE Universe with his earth-shattering return at Survivor Series 2023 .

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