Ex-MLB Star’s Controversial Journey Revealed

Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes will be ready for his side’s showdown with the San Francisco 49ers on February 11. The Chiefs will take on the 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. If the Chiefs win against the 49ers, it will be Mahomes’ third Super Bowl title. However, entering the Finals, Mahomes’ personal life has been surrounded by controversy.

On February 3, 2024, Patrick Mahomes’ father, Patrick Mahomes Sr., was arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI). Mahomes Sr., a former MLB star, was arrested in Taylor, Texas. It was Mahomes Sr.’s sixth DWI charge, and he was taken into custody by police. He was released the next day on $10,000 bail.

According to reports, Mahomes Sr. was driving with an open Coors beer in his car before police stopped him. The former Boston Red Sox star also admitted he was drunk after drinking a few beers while watching a game at a local bar. While Mahomes Sr. could face prison time, he is not prohibited from watching his son play in Super Bowl LVIII.

Mahomes Sr. has confirmed he will attend Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Furthermore, the 53-year-old has been banned from consuming or possessing alcohol and illegal drugs. He must keep an interlock device in his car at all times. In addition, he must comply and submit to random testing.

A look at Patrick Mahomes Sr.’s past DWI incidents

Prior to Patrick Mahomes Sr.’s recent arrest, he had been charged 11 times since 2009. His first DWI charge came back in 2012 when he was caught using his cell phone in a school zone while driving under the influence. Later that year, in September, he was arrested again for driving while intoxicated in the second degree.

In July 2018, Mahomes Sr. was arrested again for driving under the influence. The 53-year-old pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 40 days in jail. The former Minnesota Twins served his sentence over the weekend. With his latest arrest being his third DWI charge, Mahomes Sr. now faces up to 10 years in prison.

In addition to DWI, Patrick Mahomes Sr. has also been booked on other charges. In 2009, he was report Accused of theft by check. Moreover, he is also charged with non-payment of child support, violation of his promise to appear in court, class C assault, disorderly conduct, etc. In 2016, he was arrested for public intoxication while watching his son play in a college football game between Texas Tech and TCU.

Patrick Mahomes’ brother was charged with aggravated sexual battery

Patrick Mahomes’ father isn’t the only one in the Mahomes family to be embroiled in controversy. In May 2023, Patrick’s brother, Jackson Mahomes, was arrested on charges of aggravated sexual battery. The incident took place at a restaurant in Overland Park, Kansas. Jackson allegedly grabbed store owner Aspen Vaughn and forcibly kissed her.

Patrick Mahomes with his brother Jackson (Credit: People)

Since the incident, Aspen has had to close his restaurant due to death threats, vandalism, and negative publicity stemming from the incident. However, in January 2024, three charges against Jackson Mahomes were dropped. However, a fourth charge of misdemeanor battery is pending against Jackson, who also allegedly shoved a male waiter at the restaurant.

Patrick Mahomes speaks after his father’s arrest a week before Super Bowl LVIII

Meanwhile, Patrick Mahomes has finally spoken out following his father’s third DWI arrest. Just one week before Super Bowl LVIII, the arrest of Mahomes’ father couldn’t have come at a worse time. On the opening night of the Super Bowl, two days after his father was arrested, the Chiefs quarterback offered an update. He revealed that his father was making the most of the situation.

Mahomes further said, “This is a family matter, so I’ll keep it to family only” Despite the incident, Mahomes will have his father in attendance at Allegiant Stadium. Super Bowl LVIII will be an important matchup for the 28-year-old star. Mahomes has become just two players in NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL history to win three championship round MVPs before turning 29. There will also be a chance to join Magic Johnson.

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