‘Family Affair’ End Explained: Will Chris and Brooke End Up Together?

Contains spoilers for “A Family Affair”

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: ‘Family Affair’ premiered on Netflix on June 28, 2024. The thrilling rom-com stars the iconic Nicole Kidman and the ever-so-adorable Zac Efron in lead roles. The film also features Joey King and Kathy Bates in major roles.

It follows the life of Chris Cole (Zac Efron), a superstar who has an upside down love life having experienced multiple breakups in the past. His assistant is Zara Ford (Joey King), who wants to be a producer but works as Chris’s personal assistant to learn the ropes of the industry.

Things take a romantic turn when Chris meets Zara’s mother Brooke Harwood (Nicole Kidman) in a chance encounter. They soon become attracted to each other and begin to harbor feelings for each other. The relationship angers Zara who wants them to separate.

Chris and Brooke break up after Zara interferes in ‘Family Affair’

Photocom of the film
Photocom of the movie “Family Affair” (@netflix)

Zara is disappointed at being mistreated by Chris and understands her boss inside out, being his assistant. She knows he is buying the diamond earrings for the person he is breaking up with.

She finds diamond stud earrings in her bag and shows them to Brooke who is caught unawares at this revelation. She breaks up with Cole and asks him to leave.

The breakup happens just after Brooke confides in Leila Ford (Kathy Bates) that she is getting serious about Chris and it would hurt her if Cole left.

Zara and Leila bring Chris and Brooke back together

Photocom of the film
Photocom of the movie “Family Affair” (@netflix)

Zara regrets intervening in Chris and Brooke’s relationship and confronts both of them. She has a discussion with her mother where she thanks her for always being there for her and supporting her through her career choices.

She comes up with a scheme with her grandmother Leila where she gets Chris to a supermarket and at the same time, Leila gets Brooke to the same supermarket.

With them coming face to face with each other, they resolve their differences and come back together.

Zara becomes a producer and Brooke completes her book in “A Family Affair”

Photocom of the film
Photocom of the movie “Family Affair” (@netflix)

In the film’s conclusion, we see the protagonists finally completing their character arcs after a journey that has seen them experience emotional turmoil.

Zara is finally a producer who now instructs Chris and has some authority over him. This is life coming full circle for her as she has been doing Chris’ handy job for most of the previous two years.

Brooke can publish her book and reclaim her place as the coveted author she once was. Her relationship with Chris seems to be going smoothly at the moment.

“A Family Affair” is available to stream on Netflix starting June 28, 2024

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