Fans Are Angry But Not Surprised Dana White Didn’t Spend $7 Million To Advertise UFC 300 At Super Bowl 58

The announcement of the much-awaited UFC 300 main event has been extended, with many fans starting to revolt against the delay. UFC president and promoter Dana White has issued several statements regarding this. Whyte continues to state that the main event is in the works. And it should be worth the wait for the fans and the historic event.

Although the MMA community believes in Dana White and that he will surely deliver on his promise, many have begun to question the motives behind this time. With much speculation about dream matches that could match the intensity of the event, fans seemed to have run out of patience. Names including Israel Adesanya, Alex Periera and Conor McGregor have all been thrown into the mix.

The promotion was rumored to have plans to advertise on the grandest stage of sports spectatorship, Super Bowl LVIII. Fans were excited and tuned in to the event just because of the UFC 300 main event. But when there was none, fans were left in utter despair. NFL legend Tom Brady and UFC chief Dana White sat down together to watch Power Slap 6, further fueling the rumor.

UFC fans react to Dana White’s Super Bowl ad appearance

Many fans took to social media to slam the UFC president for his Super Bowl disappointment. They expressed how the entire MMA community had to sit through 5 hours of a game to watch Dana White feature in a Bud Light commercial. One fan wrote, “He’s basically trolling all of us at this point,” Taking a shot at the UFC president.

Dana White (Credits -X)

Many pointed to the cost dynamics and the extreme improbability of the UFC paying $7 million for a 30-second slot to advertise just one fight at the event. One user wrote, “How much crossover is there in the fan base from the UFC to the NFL?” Stating the fact that the two games have no common denominator for measuring conversions through advertising.

Another commented, “That’s their entire fighter pay budget for the year.” The audience addressed the debate over the disparity of fighter pay, which the UFC has been accused of many times. Also, as one fan pointed out, “Now cmon if you think ufc/dana can’t afford it”. That’s telling of the obvious budget constraints the UFC has when it comes to promoting at such a cost-increasing level.

Conor McGregor teases UFC fans again after Super Bowl

Another key figure for the promotion was involved in solidifying the rumor, with Dana hinting in one of his podcast appearances to announce UFC 300 at the Super Bowl. It was none other than the infamous former double champion Conor McGregor. Irish took it up with a video on his Instagram story “UFC 300? Super Bowl ad?” Tagging Dana White.

This isn’t the first time a UFC fighter has teased a return on social media. Sadly, the MMA community fell for it again and is still waiting for an official date for the return of the multi-millionaire mixed martial artist.

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