Fans of ‘The Bachelor’ Season 28 Call ABC Dating Show ‘Recycled’ Amid Comparisons to ‘The Golden Bachelor’

AGOURA HILLS, CALIFORNIA: Viewers of ‘The Bachelor’ Season 28 expressed disappointment after witnessing catfights in the first episode. Comparisons were made to ABC’s “The Golden Bachelor,” with some feeling that the ladies on the TLC show were better, calling those on “The Bachelor” immature.

They called the season the most dramatic, accusing the showmakers of intentionally adding bad guys and a room full of immature girls to sow chaos. The perception was that the series was deliberately injecting drama to increase the entertainment factor.

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“Producers calculate these ratings as… Cute Bach? Check Adorable Girl Next Door? Check Naughty? Check Sisters? Check Room Full of Immature Girls? Check Pure Chaos? Check Buckle Up, Baby. C “It might just be the most dramatic season,” one viewer hilariously said.

Producers calculate these ratings as…

A nice bach? Check
Adorable girl(s) next door? Check
Wicked? Check
Sisters? Check
A room full of immature girls? Check
Pure chaos? Check

Buckle up, babies. This may be the most dramatic season of The Bachelor yet. #TheBachelor

–Victoria Taylor (@HowOnEarth42069) January 23, 2024

“It took less than an episode for the bad guy instigated fights to start. I miss the golden bachelors,” one fan said.

It took less than an episode for the villain-instigated fights to begin. I miss golden bachelors. #immature #TheBachelor

— Bachelortweets (@Shellvi21) January 23, 2024

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“I miss the sincerity of Golden Bachelor. It seems so recycled,” one fan lamented.

I miss the sincerity of Golden Bachelor. it seems so recycled #TheBachelor

– Marlène (@akamarvros) January 23, 2024

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“ok I think I’m going to be gone for the rest of this season. This cast is boring. Maybe we’ll see you for the final rose ceremony,” one fan complained.

ok, I think I’ll be gone for the rest of this season. this casting is boring. we’ll see you for the final rose ceremony maybe #TheBachelor

– Marlène (@akamarvros) January 23, 2024

“No one on this show is there for the right reasons, Joey. Not even you lol,” one viewer joked.

No one on this show is there for the right reasons, Joey. not even you lol #TheBachelor

– Marlène (@akamarvros) January 23, 2024

“I wish it was only an hour long,” said one exasperated fan.

I wish it was only an hour #TheBachelor

– Marlène (@akamarvros) January 23, 2024

Lauren Hollinger fights with her sister Allison over getting Joey’s rose

The drama between the two sisters, Lauren and Allison, quickly unfolded as expected. In the first episode, Allison received the first rose from Joey Graziadei. Lauren expressed her disappointment, saying, “If my sister gets a rose in front of me, it’s disappointing and I’m going to cry.”

During the first rose ceremony of the season, Allison received the first rose from Joey. When she returned to her seat, Lauren confronted her, saying, “You didn’t get the first rose.” Adding even more tension, she said, “Fuck you.” Despite this drama, Joey decided to give Lauren the last rose. Lauren, still upset, remarked, “Are you really going to give Allison the first rose and then me the last rose?” as she approached him.

Lauren Hollinger, contestant on season 28 of “The Bachelor” (Instagram/laurenhollinger_)
‘The Bachelor’ Season 28 Contestant Lauren Hollinger Fights With Her Sister Allison (Instagram/laurenhollinger_)

Joey’s kiss with Jess sparks drama with other women

Jessica Edwards caused drama with the other ladies after revealing her first kiss with Joey. Following that moment, she went to share the news with the other women, a move known to cause tension in the Bachelor mansion. The other women were visibly concerned about their own time spent with Joey, fearing that his attention had now turned to Jess. Questions about Joey’s intentions and sobriety arose among the contestants, causing drama in the mansion.

Jessica is an executive assistant (Instagram/Jessica Edwards)
Jessica creates drama with her first kiss
(Instagram/Jessica Edwards)

Episodes of Season 28 of “The Bachelor” air every Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC and are available to stream on Hulu the following day.

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