Flogging a dead horse: ‘AGT’ Season 19: Viewers fume as producers call out Ada Filppa’s bizarre act

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA: The judges were appalled by the considerable horseplay that went into this “America’s Got Talent” act. Ada Filppa debuted the unusual sport of hobby horse riding on the “AGT” stage for the first time.

This provides horse enthusiasts who may not be able to bring a horse to an event like the “AGT” stage with a unique outlet. After taking the stage, Ada stated, “I’m here because I want to show you something you’ve never seen before, ‘AGT.’

Ada Flippa in
Ada Flippa at “AGT” Season 19 audition (GregGayne/@nbc)

The judges and spectators were surprised when Ada was on stage with a miniature hobby horse between her legs, despite their expectation that she would perform an equestrian feat. The scene was set to the 1980s popular song by Michael Sembello “Maniac”.

Ada demonstrated the skill of hobby riding, a strange trend that has taken Finland by storm and attracted hundreds of committed enthusiasts. To give the appearance that her favorite horse acted like a real horse, Ada demonstrated on “AGT” racing across the stage with it and jumping over riding fences with her legs.

On X, enraged fans wrote, “This is why the producers on the show suck now. They put so much thought into producing a Hobby Horse non-progressive.” One user believed, “her riding skills would be better displayed if she had a real horse.”

This is why the producers of the show suck now. They put a lot of thought into producing a Hobby Horse non-progressive #AGT https://t.co/8UJrR1gBWJ

— AGTCommenter 🏆🏆 (@AGTCommenter) July 10, 2024

Her riding skills would be better displayed if she had a real horse
#AGT pic.twitter.com/5U5t1p0TKy

— White Diamonds (@whytedymonds) July 10, 2024

One user joked, “That woman seriously flew from Finland to walk around with a favorite horse? She should team up with this lady!” A fourth user wrote, “The fact that the #AGT cameraman zoomed in on the hobby horse for reaction.”

That woman seriously flew in from Finland to walk around with a hobby horse? She should team up with this lady! #AGT #prancercize @AGT pic.twitter.com/xFoBoiptZz

— Teri Brown (@TeriLBrown91) July 10, 2024

The fact that the #AGT cameraman zoomed in on the hobby horse for a reaction. 💀

— Jennifer (@Jen_naaay) July 10, 2024

One viewer asked, “Is she serious with this horse head stick thing?” Another added, “How did I know it was going to be a fake horse?”

Is she serious with this horse head stick thing? #agt

— MyCammy39 (@Monique82428483) July 10, 2024

How did I know it was going to be a fake horse? #AGT

— Paul Onufrey (@onufreyonboard) July 10, 2024

“AGT” Season 19 judges say “neigh” to the action of Ada Flippa

Ada’s main interest is obviously hobby riding, although it may have seemed more like just riding to most of the “AGT” judges. “I don’t understand this,” Judge Sofia Vergara commented.

Judge Howie Mandel was one judge who not only liked the show but also dabbled in hobby riding. “I’ve seen competitions, and hundreds of people do it, and it’s very serious,” he noted.

Sofia intervened, saying: “I don’t know what world I live in, but I had no idea that existed.”

Sofia got right to the point when judge Heidi Klum jokingly asked Sofia if they might start a hobby of horse riding together. “No,” she said.

Even though “AGT” had never seen anything like it before, Simon Cowell wasn’t impressed with the performance either. He remarked, “I mean, if it looked more realistic, but it’s just a head.”

The fact that a worried Ada failed to pass the barrier and dropped two of the poles didn’t help either. Howie was the only “yes” vote cast; Sofia, Simon, and Heidi promptly cast their “no” votes.

Simon said teasingly: “I will say go home.”

Ada was unable to progress in the tournament despite Howie’s passionate support, and this time, at least, the 23-year-old rode off into the sunset empty-handed.

Ada Flippa in
Ada Flippa at “AGT” Season 19 audition (GregGayne/@nbc)

Who is Ada Flippa on ‘AGT’ Season 19?

Ada is a 23-year-old Finnish hobby horse athlete. She uploaded many recordings of other people participating in the sport, along with her own achievements.

Basically, it involves someone riding a toy horse stick and clearing obstacles. On TikTok, a video of her competing received 24K likes and 756K views.

“AGT” Season 19 contestant Ada Filppa has won many hobby horse competitions (Instagram/@adafilppa)

“AGT” Season 19 contestant Ada Flippa regularly promotes hobby riding on her social media

Ada, a native of Finland, talked about how her passion for horses changed her life before the Season 19 Action began. Ada said in an introductory video, juxtaposed with pictures and films of her riding, that her parents were “a bit scared”, despite her lifelong ambition to own a horse.

However, Ada was able to join her classmates in the stable when she was eight years old, and then she experienced her first horse ride.

“That was instant love, and I was, instantly, this is my thing,” commented the woman. “I will be the best.”

Ada continued by telling how, at the age of 15, she won the Finnish championship in the sport she was passionate about. She later told host Terry Crews that she had attended 200 events over the previous 15 years, adding, “I’m really, really good at it.”

When the strange obsession was covered by CNN in 2017, Ada—who was the PR manager for the Finnish Hobby Horse Federation—was interviewed. She believed at the time that 10,000 or more Finns regularly participated in hobby horses.

Ada promoted the hobby on social media by posting pictures of her “training” regimens on TikTok and identifying herself as a “Hobby Horse Athlete, Coach, and Influencer” on Instagram.

The contestant of the 19th season
“AGT” season 19 contestant Ada Filppa recently won gold at the 2024 Finnish Championships (Instagram/@adafilppa)

The 19th season of “America’s Got Talent” premieres new episodes every Tuesday at 8pm and 5pm and 5pm on NBC. The season is available for streaming on Peacock, where episodes can be watched the next day

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