Forget Taylor Swift, Her Cat Is 2x Richer Than Her Boyfriend Travis Kelce

Two American celebrities Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have become the center of discussion for the past few months. When the news of the hottest guy in the music world and the country’s best football star dating, everyone starts running after them in search of headlines.

It all started last September when Swift was first spotted in the stands to watch a Kansas City Chiefs fixture against the Chicago Bears. Fans wonder why the 14-time Grammy Award winner suddenly switched to watching football? Does she love the game, or is the reason something else? A few days later, reports claimed the pop star had fallen for the Chiefs tight end.

Swift, later on December 6, revealed her relationship with Kells. Since September, fans, media and journalists have discovered countless things about the pair. They also compare stars from top to bottom.

Sources also suggested that Swift has a net worth nearly 20 times that of the tight end. Not just Swift, Kells was also compared to Swift’s cat.

Travis Kelce Net Worth

Comparing Travis Kelce’s net worth with Taylor Swift, it turns out that the pop star is way ahead of the tight end. Kelsey has a net worth of over $40 million, while his better half is worth over $900 million. A recent report by “” suggests that even Swift’s cat, Olivia Benson, has a higher net worth than Kelce. Kelce’s real source of income includes being a professional football player.

In addition, the tight end has signed several endorsements and is a significant investor in several famous brands. After Mariska Hargitay’s Law & Order, SUV character, Benson has an estimated net worth of over $97 million, 2.5 times that of Kelsey. Benson’s source of income is from his appearances in TV commercials and participation in videos with pop stars such as Blank Space and Me.

How many cats does taylor swift have?

This “always” Singer Owns three cats, including two Scottish folds and a ragdoll cat. The pop star’s two Scottish folds are Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey. Meanwhile, the ragdoll cat is Benjamin Button. All three of Taylor Swift’s cats played a very influential role in her career.

YouTube video

Viewers have spotted Swift’s two cute Scottish cats in her music video “Me!” in “Me!” Seth finds another cat, Benjamin Button, and decides to keep him. So, the pop star’s third cat was first spotted in a photo shoot with of the hour” Cover photo of the year.

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