Former “Howard Stern Show” writer Elisa Jordana ordered to undergo mental health evaluation after battery arrest

Warning: Graphic content ahead

Former “Howard Stern Show” writer Elisa Jordana pleaded guilty to battery after she was arrested for physically assaulting a man believed to be her romantic partner during a livestream.

Jordana, 40, waived the plea in May and with it received 12 months of probation, 45 hours of community service, 12 hours of anger management classes and a small fine, court documents obtained by Page Six on Friday show.

Additionally, the judge ordered the YouTuber to undergo a mental health evaluation and receive any treatment the evaluator recommends.

Jordana can request an early termination of her probation after six months if all terms of her agreement are met.

Palm Beach, Fla., police arrested Jordana after footage of her repeatedly punching her boyfriend, Bahram Alipour, was shared to her YouTube channel.

She and Alipour, who goes by the YouTube name Zscorro, were riding in a car when she started punching him while confronting him about his alleged infidelity.

“She just like, almost broke my nose,” Zscorro said at one point during the argument, adding, “F–k you, c–t!”

Zscorro then grabbed her hair and pulled her before hitting her across the face and demanding that she pull the car over.

After Zscorro forced Jordana out of the car, she ran toward a vehicle that had stopped to help her on the highway. He immediately stopped the livestream once he gained access to the driver.

Jordana issued an apology for her actions after she was released from police custody.

“I’m very sorry for my actions on my livestream,” she told TMZ at the time. “I wish it hadn’t happened. It’s a moment I’m not proud of.”

She also said she was relieved the livestream was activated during the altercation because she was afraid her ex-fiancé would hurt her further.

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