Fritzy Rosmerian’s little magic act might not be enough for ‘AGT: Fantasy League’ judge Mel B

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Fritzy Rosmerian’s magical act on “America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League” received mixed reviews from judges Mel B, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell.

The “Indonesia’s Got Talent” Season 4 finalist’s number consisted of a teddy bear that she called her friend.

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However, it seems like his act was a bit of a letdown for the big “AGT: Fantasy League” stage.

After the act, Howie gave Rosemerian a standing ovation and said: “It was fantastic. You’re only 15, it’s your first time in America. It was magical.”

Heidi added: “I liked it. I mean, I was confused sometimes, but we got there.”

Mel B added, “As a person, you’re so adorable, so cute, but I think that number was a little small for that scene and I think you can see even bigger and better.”

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Simon said: “I think because we’ve seen so much amazing magic over the years, it hasn’t had that wow factor. I think you got the wrong mentor, I’m honest with you. I think that you still have 15 years. works but there are only 5 acts that will advance to the next round. So good luck.”

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Fritzy Rosmerian never took the ‘AGT’ stage

Fritzy’s impressive performance on ‘Indonesia’s Got Talent’ led to her being chosen as one of the top 40 artists on ‘AGT: Fantasy League’, giving her the opportunity to compete on a global platform. This demonstrates his exceptional talent and potential.

15-year-old Rosmerian was born in Jakarta on July 28, 2008. She started her modeling career at a very young age and appeared in Anakku magazine as a toddler model.

As she grew up, she developed a passion for magic and began practicing and performing at various events in Indonesia.

In 2019, Fritzy received national recognition for her talent by winning the Best Talent Award for Indonesian Little Girls. This fueled his determination to pursue a career as an artist.

In 2022, the magician had a breakthrough moment when she auditioned for “Indonesia’s Got Talent” and amazed judges and audiences with her stage presence and illusions.

She finished her participation in the competition as a finalist.

Fritzy Rosmerian has never competed on 'AGT' (Instagram/@frit_zy2)
Fritzy Rosmerian has never competed on ‘AGT’ (Instagram/@frit_zy2)

Fritzy Rosmerian collaborated with The Sacred Riana

Magician Fritzy Rosmerian surprised the “Indonesia’s Got Talent” audience by collaborating with “Asia’s Got Talent” Season 2 winner The Sacred Riana.

In the grand finale in October 2022, Fritzy first performed alone with her unique magic using Polaroid photos. However, the act took a surprising turn when The Sacred Riana appeared on stage and scared the judges with her strange persona.

This unexpected addition added excitement to Fritzy’s performance.

Fritzy felt incredibly honored to perform alongside Riana, a former “Asia’s Got Talent” champion.

She considered Riana a source of inspiration and working with her demonstrated that she could compete with the best artists in Indonesia.

'AGT: Fantasy League' star Fritzy Rosmerian collaborated with The Sacred Riana (Instagram/@frit_zy2)
‘AGT: Fantasy League’ star Fritzy Rosmerian collaborated with The Sacred Riana (Instagram/@frit_zy2)

Will Fritzy Rosmerian advance to the semi-finals of “AGT: Fantasy League”?

There is strong competition among the contestants of “AGT: Fantasy League”.

However, Rosmerian still has a small chance of making his way to the semifinals of “AGT: Fantasy League.”

Fritzy Rosmerian could advance to the semi-finals of “AGT: Fantasy League” (Instagram/@frit_zy2)
Fritzy Rosmerian could advance to the semi-finals of “AGT: Fantasy League” (Instagram/@frit_zy2)

“AGT: Fantasy League” airs every Monday at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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