From Legacy Starpoint, DeMar DeRozan Must Avoid Returning to the Chicago Bulls


  • DeMar DeRozan should officially part ways with the Bulls to have a better chance at winning a title.
  • The Bulls are bound to implode with tensions rising between them and Zach LaVine, and this could affect DeRozan’s legacy.

DeMar DeRozan is certainly a superstar who has witnessed a lot of adversity over the past few years. After spending a good part of his career with the Toronto Raptors, the 34-year-old was sent to the San Antonio Spurs for Kawhi Leonard. Toronto ended up winning a title while DeRozan struggled with a tanking Spurs team.

Since then, DeRozan has signed with the Chicago Bulls. Over the last three seasons, the Bulls haven’t experienced much success despite running DeRozan alongside an incredibly versatile center and one of the best isolation players in the league. The Big 3 with the LA native, Zach LaVine, and Nikola Vucevic didn’t work out at all. DeRozan is currently testing free agency.

The Bulls are bound for disaster

Having worked out the drafts already, it doesn’t look like the Bulls Big 3 are meant to play each other. For DeMar DeRozan, re-signing with the Bulls could take valuable years off his career while he could potentially sign with another team and win a championship. This is based solely on the situation the Bulls currently face with LaVine.

Recently, sources revealed that Chicago is not happy with LaVine based on his decision to opt for season-ending surgery when he could have opted for rehab instead. With a broken relationship like this, the Bulls will remain steadfast in rewiring the roster. But it can’t happen at the expense of DeRozan’s remaining few years in the league. Despite being 34 years old, he’s certainly still a valuable player who can provide much-needed numbers to championship-caliber teams that desperately need it.

Despite being an odd fit, DeMar DeRozan could benefit the Lakers in some way

The LA Lakers are currently the favorites to possibly land DeMar DeRozan. The Bulls and Lakers are currently discussing potential sign and trade scenarios that may include a third team. DeRozan turned down a mid-level exception offer from the Bulls worth $13 million.

But if the Lakers land the 6x All-Star, there is some concern about how well he would fit on the roster. The Lakers have most of what they need, but have failed to use their assets properly. Hopefully, JJ Redick will turn things around and there is a lot of optimism surrounding his coaching ideas.

DeRozan could also sign with the Lakers and increase his chances of winning a title, thus solidifying his name in the Hall of Fame conversation. He may not have a spot open for him on the roster, but he will certainly be a boost to their existing firepower.

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