From masochism to lactophilia “The Boys” is a hotbed of fetishes: Here’s the full list you know you need

Warning: Contains spoilers and graphic content, reader discretion advised

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In the latest episode of ‘The Boys’ titled, ‘Dirty Business’, which aired on July 4, viewers were introduced to yet another bizarre fetish, this time involving Tek Knight, Supe with a penchant to BDSM.

His secret “Tek Cave” serves as his personal sex dungeon. This isn’t the first time the show has delved into unconventional fetishes, adding to its reputation for exploring boundary-pushing themes.

On that note, here are some of the weirdest fetishes we’ve seen on “The Boys.”

A-Train’s podophilia in “The Boys” hasn’t been touched since Season 1

A-Train's expensive new show criticizes Hollywood and especially the MCU's budget quality deception (@primevideo)
A-Train in photo shoot of “The Boys” (@primevideo)

In “The Boys”, Popclaw is a tragic figure with super strength and deadly claws, earning her nickname. Once a celebrity featured in various media, her downfall begins after being caught up in a drug-fuelling scandal.

In Season 1, she secretly dates A-Train and encourages him to make their relationship public, resorting to an unusual tactic: sucking on his toes. A-Train, known for his super speed bound to his feet, seems to be enjoying the attention.

His ego and pride in his feet align with his powers, making the scene both bizarre and oddly appropriate in Supes’ world.

Tek Knight’s “Tek Cave” is nothing like a Batcave

    Derek Wilson returns as Tek-Knight in
Derek Wilson returns as Tek-Knight in “The Boys” Season 4 (@primevideo)

In “The Boys”, during a party at Tek Knight’s mansion, Hughie infiltrates disguised as a possible sidekick Web Weaver to discover secrets of The Seven.

Expecting a high-tech cave, Hughie is surprised when Tek offers a tour of his “Tek Cave”, which turns out to be a filthy sex dungeon filled with bizarre equipment – dildos, masks, and medieval torture devices.

Tek even has his old sidekick chained up in a gimp suit. The scene escalates when Tek engages in self-choking and encourages Hughie to sit on a chocolate cake, then fart, which strangely pleases Tek.

The show treats these fetishes without judgment, finding humor in the surreal situation rather than the actions themselves.

Hughie’s discomfort adds to the absurdity, especially since Tek thinks Hughie is a Web Weaver, willingly participating in his strange desires, complicating an already uneasy scenario.

Homelander’s milk fetish is one of the highlights of “The Boys”

In addition to his disturbing fixation on mother figures, Homelander's strange obsession with milk introduces yet another layer of complexity to his character (@primevideo)
In addition to his disturbing fixation on mother figures, Homelander’s strange obsession with milk introduces yet another layer of complexity to his character (@primevideo)

Homelander’s disturbing fixation on mother figures and his strange obsession with milk add depth to his character in “The Boys”. His interactions with mother figures highlight deep psychological wounds, while his consumption of milk symbolizes deeper desires and anxieties.

Homelander’s love of milk seems to reflect his longing for purity and control in a chaotic, morally ambiguous world. In the corrupt and depraved landscape of “The Boys”, milk symbolizes innocence and order, providing Homelander with a brief escape from his burdensome existence.

His obsession with milk, which can also be called lactophilia, has also become the source of many memes and discussions on social media.

In “The Boys,” Homelander is a multifaceted character whose complexities defy conventional understanding. His obsessions and tragic backstory highlight the enduring impact of childhood trauma.

As the series delves into its characters, Homelander stands out as a testament to the complexities of the human psyche, captivating and deeply disturbing in equal measure.

Termite’s sonic fetish gave “The Boys” one of the biggest WTF moments

Brett Geddes as Termite in a still from
Brett Geddes as Termite in “The Boys” photo shoot (@primevideo)

In “The Boys” Season 3 premiere, the show continues its tradition of shocking audiences with raw and provocative scenes.

Billy Butcher begins working for Victoria Neuman’s Agency of Superhero Affairs, under orders to capture, not kill, soups, despite his desire to return to lethal methods.

During an intimate moment with his lover, Termite shrinks and enters his lover’s penis. After snorting cocaine, Termite sneezes, causing himself to expand suddenly from within the penis, resulting in a gruesome and explosive death for his partner.

This bizarre and graphic incident stands out as an unforgettable moment in the series, highlighting its provocative and boundary-pushing storytelling.

Homelander is his biggest fan, but maybe not in the way you think

Antony Starr in a photo film of
Antony Starr in photo shoot of “The Boys” (@primevideo)

In “The Boys,” there’s a memorable scene where Homelander recruits Doppelganger, a shape-shifting superhero, to transform into his late boss, Madelyn Stillwell.

A doppelganger tries to seduce a Homelander in the form of Stillwell, but when that fails, he transforms into a Homelander himself, which strangely excites the real Homelander.

During the encounter, Doppelganger reassures Homelander that it’s not gay because he’s basically having sex with himself, adding an uncomfortable homophobic undertone to the scene.

The disturbing sequence ends with Homelander suddenly snapping Doppelganger’s neck, further emphasizing the disturbing dynamic at play in the series.

“The Boys” put everyone on edge, including an eight-legged creature, with The Deep’s zoophilia

in photo film of
Chace Crawford in photo shoot of “The Boys” (@primevideo)

In “The Boys” television show, The Deep (Chace Crawford), grapples with a controversial plot involving zoophilia. The character, initially presented as a vain and arrogant superhero with water powers, faces consequences after a sexual harassment scandal.

As part of his redemption arc, The Deep experiences humiliation and a search for self-discovery, which includes confronting his problematic behavior towards women and reckoning with his insecurities.

The controversial aspect arises when The Deep’s journey takes him to an emotional low point where he seeks comfort and companionship from animals, especially dolphins.

This is manifested in scenes where he communicates with dolphins and even engages in sexual acts, suggesting a disturbing tendency towards zoophilia. The story does not condone or normalize his behavior but rather uses it to explore issues of power, identity, and the consequences of unchecked privilege.

In another scene, The Deep, feeling isolated and adrift in his personal life, meets an octopus in his quarters. In a moment of vulnerability and seeking connection, he engages in a bizarre sexual act with the octopus.

This moment is meant to be uncomfortable and make people think about his character’s choices and state of mind. The scene sparked much discussion due to its graphic nature and the unusual subject matter it deals with.

Homelander fantasizes about slaughtering a crowd

Antony Starr in a photo film of
Antony Starr in photo shoot of “The Boys” (@primevideo)

In “The Boys” Season 2, Episode 5, Homelander faces a backlash when footage of one of his fatal mistakes surfaces. Upset by public opinion turning against him, labeling him a war criminal, he attends an anti-Homelander rally organized by Victoria Neuman.

Instead of admitting guilt and apologizing, Homelander dismisses the incident as ordinary.

His stubborn response angers the crowd, who chant, “You don’t speak for us.” In his anger, Homelander imagines using his laser to slaughter hundreds in the crowd.

This imaginary massacre would be one of the most terrifying moments if it were real. However, in reality, it’s just a disturbing scene in the mind of Homelander, which also really turns him on, by the way.

That scene reveals Homelander’s disturbing inclination towards violent impulses, despite being the strongest individual in the world. It underlines his unstable mental state and the dangerous power he wields.

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