“Gone into the Night” Ending Explained: Who Kidnapped Pietro’s Children?

Contains spoilers for “Vanished Into the Night”

BARI, ITALY: Annabelle Wallis and Riccardo Scamarcio star in Italian thriller film “Vanished Into the Night” premiering on Netflix, July 11, 2024.

The film revolves around Pietro and Elena going through a divorce and fighting over the custody of their children – Giovanni and Bianca.

When one night their children are kidnapped from Pietro’s isolated house, he must return to his old friend Nicola to arrange a ransom.

Nicola offers to pay €150,000 in exchange for moving ten kilograms of medicines for him. With no choice left, Pietro takes on the risky task to save his children.

How does Pietro find his children in “Vanished into the Night”?

Riccardo Scamarcio protagonist
Riccardo Scamarcio in photo shoot of “Vanished Into the Night” (@netflix)

When Pietro returns to Elena’s apartment with a bag full of money, he finds his children enjoying their breakfast. Elena and the kids mention that nothing happened last night and they are unaware of whatever Pietro is talking about.

Pietro admits to moving drugs for money to pay for a ransom. Elena discredits his story and asks him to leave the house.

Later, Elena sends him the recording of her confession and threatens to send it to the lawyers and the authorities if he doesn’t let her have full custody.

Pietro goes back to his home and finds an empty packet of capsules in the toilet. He soon realizes that the pills belong to his wife who snuck into his home last night, drugged his children, and took them with her.

She then pretends to be worried about the children and forces Pietro to enter into dirty work to trick him into getting full custody of Giovanni and Bianca.

Who wins the custody battle in ‘Vanished Into the Night’?

Annabelle Wallis and Riccardo Scamarcio in 'Vanished Into the Night' (@netflix)
Annabelle Wallis and Riccardo Scamarcio in ‘Vanished Into the Night’ (@netflix)

Pietro rushes to the airport and tells Elena that he is taking the children with him. When Elena threatens to send the recording to lawyers, he says he will prove she drugged the children and endangered their lives.

Although nothing is finalized on paper, Pietro manages to take the children with him by asking Elena to leave for America alone.

Who arrives at Pietro’s house in the final scene of “Vanished Into the Night”?

Annabelle Wallis in a photo shoot of
Annabelle Wallis in a still from “Vanished Into the Night” (@netflix)

In the final moments, we see a vague shadow of a person arrive at Pietro’s house. Although the film ends without revealing the face, we can guess that it is Elena.

She loves her children very much and would not leave them so easily. She’s either gone back to negotiate with Pietro for custody, which seems highly unlikely after all the disastrous things she’s done.

Most likely, she gives up on her dream of returning to America and restarting her married life with Pietro in Italy.

“Vanished Into the Night” is now available to stream on Netflix

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