Has Tracy Tutor undergone cosmetic surgery? ‘MDLLA’ fans spark ‘looks’ rumors

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The latest season of ‘Million Dollar List: Los Angeles’ just debuted on Bravo, showing the struggles faced by real estate agents Josh Altman, Josh Flagg, and Tracy Tutor in a tough market environment.

The premiere episode of “MDLLA” Season 15 highlighted the impact of rising mortgage rates and a new tax on million-dollar home sales. Viewers witnessed Josh Flagg opening up about his personal life, Altman making a bold decision to go solo in a listing, and Tracy trying to sell a high-priced property with her signature charm.

Tracy’s altered physical appearance piqued the interest of eagle-eyed fans, who speculated that the realtor had undergone cosmetic surgery to improve her appearance. Many netizens noticed the remarkable changes in her appearance.

A Reddit user said, “I’m so sorry but Tracy is 1-2 surgeries away from looking like Donatella Versace.”

Followed by another user who wrote, “Has Tracy always had doll eyes and I just never noticed?”

A user went on to say, “I don’t think her eyes look any different.”

“MDLLA” Season 15 star Tracy Tutor accused of undergoing plastic surgery (@bravo)

“MDLLA” Season 15 star Tracy Tutor is dealing with plastic surgery allegations

Tracy Tutor, known for her transparency about her life and career, once faced scrutiny from a fan who accused her of getting cosmetic enhancements in 2020.

“My mouth is back,” she wrote alongside a selfie of her with her makeup artist Hailey Hoff at the time. In response to the selfie she posted, a fan commented that Tracy had “way too much Botox or surgery.”

The “MDLLA” star quickly shut down the rumors, clarifying that she did not have any plastic surgery on her face.

“To be clear… I did not have plastic surgery on my face,” she replied to the fan in the comments of the Instagram post.

Tracy also mentioned, “And to be abundantly clear, if I wanted to get plastic surgery, who the hell are you to judge what makes me feel better about myself. Thank you and good night.”

“MDLLA” Season 15 star Tracy Tutor drops plastic surgery allegations (@bravo)

“MDLLA” Season 15 star Tracy Tutor is expanding her business to Orange County

During the Season 15 premiere of “Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles” that aired on July 10, real estate agents Josh Flagg, Josh Altman, and Tracy Tutor discussed the challenges they faced in the Los Angeles market.

They disclosed that the challenging market conditions forced them to explore opportunities in other markets to remain competitive and continue to thrive in the industry.

“With the sales down in Los Angeles I’m tapping Texas more, I’m tapping Orange County more,” Tracy revealed in a confessional.

In the meantime, Altman also took the opportunity to talk about the recent opening of his new office in Newport Beach, located in Orange County. He noted that while there may have been a decline in sales in Los Angeles, they saw a corresponding increase in sales in Newport Beach.

As the episode progressed, Josh made his way to Orange County to support Tracy at one of her showings. In a candid confessional, he expressed his admiration for Tracy, calling her “my girl.”

“I don’t hate the fact that all these LA superstars come down and mix things up at the beach,” he added.

Altman continued with a mischievous grin, declaring, “When the king goes somewhere, the people follow.”

“MDLLA” Season 15 star Tracy Tutor expands her business to Orange County (@bravo)

‘Million Dollar List: Los Angeles’ Season 15 airs every Wednesday at 9:00 PM ET only on Bravo

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