Hazardously Game Addict Nick Kyrgios and Logan Paul Seek Pokémon Unite Teammates for Championship Series 2024

Nick Kyrgios has been absent from the tennis court for a long time. Ever since the 2022 season, he has only played one match and has been recovering from multiple injuries. Kyrgios has yet to play a match this season and was in the commentary box at the Australian Open. He has shifted his focus to esports and joined hands with Logan Paul.

Kyrgios and Paul have announced their participation in the 2024 Pokemon UNITE Championship Series. The event will take place in Honolulu, Hawaii. Kyrgios and Paul announced on X that they have been actively seeking players to join their team. The event requires five players from each team, and qualifying events have already started this month.

On his X handle, Paul mentioned that he and Kyrgios have been playing the game for over a year. The pair have invited fans to email or tag them on X or Instagram. They will be now hoping to find their teammates soon. The Pokemon UNITE Championship Series has a prize money pool worth $1 million. The event is scheduled for August, and the dates will be confirmed soon.

Nick Kyrgios was prone to shoulder injury due to video games

Kyrgios is known to have an aggressive personality on the court; His strokes and behavior on the court reflect it. But a few years earlier, the Australian player was hooked to video games. He used to play them all day without moving. While on the tennis court, Kyrgios makes sure to impress the crowd with his range of courts; things were not the same a few years ago.

The former world No.13 was about to have a shoulder injury due to excessive time spent on video games. His mother, Norlaila Kyrgios, revealed, “He was happy to sit in his room and play video games all the time. His shoulder would hurt him from how much he would play.” more about the addiction.

Nick Kyrgios with his mother Norlaila Kyrgios. (Credits – Powerupgaming, Getty Images)

She added, “In Beijing we wanted him to walk the Great Wall of China with us. Who wouldn’t, right? But Nick wouldn’t go.” Nill mentioned that she had to travel alone in Canada while visiting Niagra Falls as Kyrgios was busy playing video games.

The 28-year-old has now found the balance between going around places and being in his room and the 2022 season changed him as a player and person. His mother is proud of where he is now and is happy to see him travel to different places. It will be interesting to see where Kyrgios lands next, as his current adventure will keep him occupied for the next few months.

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