“Hazbin Hotel” (2024) release date, plot, cast and is Prime Video’s adult animated series worth watching

Series name: Hazbin Hotel

Network: Prime Video

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Release date: January 19, 2024

Country of origin: United States

Genre: Adult animation/Comedy/Musical

A series whose 31-minute pilot was released on YouTube, then picked up by A24 and finally announced to air on Prime Video is almost here, and the countdown can’t go any faster.

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The first four episodes of “Hazbin Hotel” will be released online on Prime Video on January 19, and this anime series is a mix of several genres that you need to get attached to.

There’s the obvious adult animation mixed with comedy, and “Hazbin Hotel” is also a musical, what more could you ask for?

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What is the plot of “Hazbin Hotel”?

The upcoming adult animated series “Hazbin Hotel” follows the main protagonist Charlie Morningstar, who is the daughter of King Lucifer.

Think of a Disney princess, but instead of being in a mansion, running a comb through her shiny blonde hair, Charlie is the princess from hell, and that’s just the beginning when it comes to “Hazbin Hotel “.

Evil genius? More like precious noodles! pic.twitter.com/vRr5LluOfT

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Charlie wants to help sinners and give them a chance to redeem themselves once again, and for this she creates a hotel for the rehabilitation of demons to peacefully reduce the overpopulation of her kingdom. That’s what any princess would do, right?

Charlie is kind, hopeful, and full of dreams, and actually, her hair is a little blonde too. If there’s one person who can save hell in “Hazbin Hotel,” it’s Charlie Morningstar, but of course, she won’t do it alone.

Who are the voice actors of “Hazbin Hotel”?

When it comes to an animated series, even if you can’t see the faces of some of your favorite stars or point at the screen to recognize them, somewhere, that’s where the charm lies, especially when This is “Hazbin Hotel”. ‘

Erika Henningsen as Charlie

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Since “Hazbin Hotel” is a musical, having Erika Henningsen as the protagonist only makes this adult animated series better. Henningsen is best known for being a Broadway star, particularly lauded for her work in the 2018 Tony-nominated musical “Mean Girls.”

Henningsen will take on the lead role of Charlie Morningstar in “Hazbin Hotel,” and his voice will be more than enough to elevate the entire experience for viewers on Prime Video.

Stephanie Beatriz as Vaggie

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In “Hazbin Hotel”, Vaggie is Charlie Morningstar’s girlfriend and plays an important role in the animated series. It would make sense that this character would be played by someone who can do a little bit of everything, from comedy to musicals, and that’s none other than Stephanie Beatriz.

Beatriz is best known for her work in the comedy television series “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” but has also had roles in sitcoms like “Modern Family.”

However, Beatriz has a powerful voice that was showcased in the musical “In the Heights” and I hope viewers witness more of that in “Hazbin Hotel.”

Blake Roman as Angel Dust

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The first volunteer in Charlie Morningstar’s rehabilitation program is Angel Dust, who is a gay spider demon, yes, you read that right. This character will be voiced by none other than Blake Roman and will be one of the main characters in “Hazbin Hotel”.

If Roman looks familiar, there’s a good chance you recognize him from “The Broadway Show with Tamsen Fadal,” as he now continues to build his career on stage, in film, in voiceover and in music.

Amir Talai as Alastor

The overlord of Hell, Alastor, as well as the “Radio Demon” will be voiced by Amir Talai in the upcoming animated series “Hazbin Hotel.”

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In addition to being an actor, Talai is also a writer. This wouldn’t be Talai’s first stint in the animated genre as he has previously made appearances in “American Dad,” “Family Guy” and “My Dad the Bounty Hunter,” among others.

A musical animated series undoubtedly requires an ensemble cast, and besides the main cast, you may witness several other similar voices, including Keith David, Kimiko Glenn, Alex Brightman, and Christian Borle.

Who is the manager of “Hazbin Hotel”?

The director of “Hazbin Hotel” is Vivienne Medrano, who is not only a director but also an animator, screenwriter, producer and voice actress. So far, his most notable works include “Hazbin Hotel” and “Helluva Boss”.

Is “Hazbin Hotel” worth watching?

A quick look at all the details of the upcoming adult animated series on Amazon Prime will convince you that “Hazbin Hotel” is worth watching. From demons to a demon rehabilitation center, music, romance and lots of comedy, “Hazbin Hotel” has it all.

“Hazbin Hotel” trailer

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