“Hazbin Hotel”, episode 1, to remember: Adam decides to take revenge for the death of an angel

Contains spoilers for Season 1 of “Hazbin Hotel”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Season 1 of “Hazbin Hotel” premiered on Prime Video on January 18. The first episode gave a brief glimpse into the past of Lucifer, one of Heaven’s angels who was cast out for thinking differently, assuming it would be dangerous to the order. from the sky.

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As the angels expanded the universe, Adam and Lilith were created from the dust of the Earth, but Lilith refused to submit to Adam who demanded control. She left him and eventually fell in love with Lucifer.

To share free will with humanity, they offered Eve the fruit of knowledge. Unfortunately, this brought evil into the world and broke the heavenly order.

Who killed the angel during termination?

A still from Season 1 of “Hazbin Hotel” (Prime Video)
A still from Season 1 of “Hazbin Hotel” (Prime Video)

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Heaven punished Lucifer and Lilith by throwing them into the dark pit of hell. While Lucifer suffered and lost his will to dream, Lilith thrived and developed the power of Hell.

This caused Heaven to feel threatened and began sending an army to Hell every year to exterminate a certain number of sinners and ensure that they could never rise up against them.

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Lilith’s daughter, Charlie Morningstar, carried her mother’s hopes. To save the denizens of hell from genocide, she built the Hazbin Hotel which would serve as a place of reformation and a stepping stone to the path to heaven.

Back in Heaven, Lute informs Adam that one of the angels was killed in the last extermination, which had never happened before.

However, at this point, it has not been revealed who committed the daring act of killing an angel.

Adam wants revenge for the death of an angel

Luca informs of the death of Angel in season 1 of
Luca informs about Angel’s death in ‘Hazbin Hotel’ season 1 (Prime Video)

Adam, who serves as the leader of the angels, becomes furious, which seems to bring out the evil in him. Meanwhile, another ending is announced, which creates chaos in Hell.

In the next episodes, we will find out who killed the angel and how far Adam will go!

Four episodes of “Hazbin Hotel” are now streaming on Prime Video.

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