Head injury survivor Haylie seeks help from ‘botched’ doctors to repair her facial structure

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA: Haylie from “Botched” had sought crucial help from the “Botched” doctors. She now tackles not only cosmetic concerns, but also a looming medical emergency.

After surviving an accident at the age of 13, she required brain surgery which resulted in facial deformity.

During his appearance on the show, renowned surgeons Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow not only expressed empathy, but also expressed concerns about the magnitude of the task and the potential risks involved. However, she remained determined.

Haylie’s aspirations included improved facial symmetry, improved eye closure and relief from breathing difficulties due to a deviated septum.

Despite the difficulties, doctors agreed to undertake the procedure to save her eyes, impressed by Haylie’s strength and willingness to overcome risks.

Who is Haylie from “Botched”?

Haylie, a sloppy patient, suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident at age 13 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Having faced health concerns from a young age, she consulted doctors to reconstruct her face.

She revealed that previous doctors were hesitant to touch her face and expressed hope in the “sloppy” doctors for her transformation journey.

Haylie had a fatal accident at 13 (Instagram/@botchedtv)
Haylie had an accident at 13 (Instagram/@botchedtv)

What happened to Haylie from “Botched”?

Haylie’s life took a heartbreaking turn with a traumatic car accident that wreaked havoc on her face, leaving more than half in ruins. Beyond the visible scars, the stakes are higher, as she is on the verge of losing her sight if urgent action is not taken.

Haylie, therefore, in “Botched”, urgently accused of 40 facial reconstructive surgeries after a devastating car accident left her seriously injured.

Having struggled for eight years with facial and bone problems that went untreated due to the reluctance of surgeons, she now faces the imminent danger of losing her sight.

The emotional intensity increases as Haylie faces the looming threat of blindness, and doctors warn of the increased risks of additional surgeries, highlighting the difficult road ahead.

Haylie’s advocacy and the challenges she encounters in her journey to recovery are at the heart of the episode.

Haylie will soon lose her sight if no treatment is provided (Instagram/ @botchedtv)
Haylie will soon lose her sight if treatment is not provided (Instagram/ @botchedtv)

How to make an appointment with Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif?

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Botched Doctor Dubrow from the popular series (YouTube, E! Entertainment)
Dr. Terry Dubrow from the popular series (YouTube, E! Entertainment)

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