Helldivers 2 server issues persist after updates despite the game’s massive success

Arrowhead Game Studio’s long-awaited game Helldivers 2 has finally launched and players are having a great time playing the third-person shooter. However, a number of PC users reported some issues with the game hampering their gaming experience.

The latest title was released on February 8, 2024 on PlayStation 5 and PC. Although the game received good reviews, and even ranked among the best sellers on Steam, the initial success came with its own set of challenges and bugs.

When nearly one million players purchased the game in just three days of release, the game’s servers were pushed to their limits. This caused several server-related issues in the game. As a result some players were also unable to log into the game.

Helldivers 2 issues before the update

Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilstad took to X to thank fans for their patience. The CEO also confirmed that the developers have not yet finished deploying critical updates for the game. A tweet from the CEO on February 11 stated that the Helldicers 2 team needed to “get some sleep”, however, they would be back in the game “in a few hours”.

According to the game’s Steam commit history, work on the server resumed the following day, around 5 AM ET. Talking about the persistent issues in the game, the CEO identified two critical issues, namely, login issues as well as rewards issues, which were not properly tracked across sessions.

Login issues have plagued the game since its launch on February 8. It was mainly due to the huge load on the game servers. Johan revealed that the team has already managed to double the game’s Azure server request limit to 20,000 interactions per minute.

However, even that proved insufficient as the number of concurrent players in the game increased from 250,000 to 360,000 players.

Helldivers 2 still faces issues after server update

Players discovered that rewards were not being tracked properly and similarly, there were login issues. Speaking of the rewards issue, Helldivers 2 creative director described the issue as “reduced but not resolved” after the latest patch.

The latest patch was recently released on February 11, 2024, at around 6 PM ET. Arrowhead’s CEO said rebooting the game could temporarily fix the rewards issue.

Notably, Helldivers 2 received an important update a day after the game went live. This was followed by another major server patch on February 11. However, unfortunately, even after the server update, some issues continue to block the game.

The CEO also acknowledged these existing issues, saying, “We have noticed some server issues that we need to resolve soon. The team at @ArrowheadGS are true champs in their desire to make #Helldivers2 the best it can be for you guys.”

Server problems throughout are typical and common for highly successful online games from indie developers. The most recent example is PocketPair’s Palworld, which is witnessing a similar fate. Eventually they decided to work on their Palworld server for the moment until they could find a more permanent solution to its woes.

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