Here’s ‘Botched’ Season 9 Episode 16 Drop: Surgeons Help A Mother Get Her Confidence Back

Beverly Hills, California: ‘Botched’ Season 9 Episode 16 premieres Thursday, February 15 at 10pm ET.

In the current season of ‘Botched’, noted plastic surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif tackles complex cases to help transform patients’ lives.

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Additionally, Season 9 is considered an “advanced” season, as it focuses on individuals facing major complications from trauma cases, congenital malformations, and previous plastic surgeries.

How to watch ‘Botched’ Season 9 Episode 16?

Watch season 9 of ‘Botched’ exclusively on E! and NBC. You can watch episodes later on Peacock TV.

Viewers can also stream ‘Botched’ Season 9 Episode 16 on FuboTV and Sling TV.

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'Botched' Doctors Examine Patient, Zachary's Crooked Nose (E! Entertainment)
‘Botched’ Doctors Favor Dealing With Emotional Cases (E! Entertainment)

What Happened in ‘Botched’ Season 9 Episode 15?

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In episode 15 of ‘Botched’ season 9, viewers meet three patients with unique stories.

Chase, a resident of Los Angeles, was the first patient. He was on the show to address complications from his previous surgery, which left him feeling “saluted on his chest”.

The duo’s next patient was Jade from Bristol, England, who wanted a curvier look and was looking for a cosmetic surgeon boyfriend. Her search for a certain aesthetic and romantic connection set the stage for an insightful yet entertaining episode.

Finally, the doctors got to meet Kelly, also from Bristol, England. She aimed to fix her flat bum, and her journey tied into the episode’s narrative, adding a layer of familial connection to the overall narrative.

Botched Season 9 Patient Chase Wants to Fix Skin on Chest and Stomach (Botched TV)
‘Botched’ Season 9 Patient Chase Wants To Fix Loose Skin On His Chest And Stomach (E! Entertainment)

What can you expect in ‘Botched’ Season 9 Episode 16?

In the upcoming episode of ‘Botched’ Season 9 titled “Hear Me Out”, viewers will be introduced to a woman born with multiple rare diseases. Her main concern is an incomplete surgically constructed ear that affects her hearing.

Viewers will be able to witness the compassionate efforts of the ‘botched’ doctors as they try to provide her with a life-changing solution.

Moreover, another patient will bring a unique request to doctors, asking for enhancements to make her large breasts look more artificial. The doctors are ready to carefully create a plan to meet this challenge, which aims to fulfill her wishes while prioritizing her safety and satisfaction.

The episode will also explore the challenges faced by a single mother whose tummy tuck procedure went awry and resulted in unexpected complications. With the support of an expert medical team, she seeks solutions and rehabilitation to regain her confidence and overall well-being.

‘Botched’ Doctor Terry Dubrow Prioritizes His Patients’ Well-Being (BotchedTV)

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