Here’s When ‘Celebrity IOU’ Season 7 Episode 5 Comes Out: The Scott Brothers Work Their Magic on a Neglected Yard

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: HGTV’s “Celebrity IOU” returns with Season 7. The all-new episode 5 will air on Monday, January 22, 2024, at 8 and 9 p.m. ET/PT.

In the new season, brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott will embark on an exciting journey of home transformations, surprising celebrity loved ones with revamped living spaces.

From demolishing walls to creating bespoke interiors and implementing various changes, renovations promise to be a delightful surprise for those chosen.

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This season promises an exciting adventure as the redesign process becomes more and more complex.

With the tighter deadlines adding an element of urgency, the Scott Brothers will work diligently to ensure the renovations are not only impressive, but also completed on time.

How to watch “Celebrity: IOU” season 7 episode 5?

“Celebrity IOU” Season 7 Episode 5 will be available on HGTV. Previous seasons of the show can be seen on Discovery+.

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Previous seasons of “Celebrity IOU”
“Celebrity IOU” is available to stream on HGTV (HGTV)

What to expect from ‘Celebrity: IOU’ Season 7 Episode 5?

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In the next episode, Mayim Bialik calls on Jonathan and Drew’s expertise to embark on an adventure to transform her beloved best friend’s garden. The overgrown and neglected space is about to undergo a remarkable metamorphosis, evolving into a serene oasis.

Watch the Scott brothers work their magic, creating an outdoor haven equipped with an inviting kitchen and a studio designed for both writing and yoga.

As the backyard undergoes a stunning transformation, viewers will witness the meticulous planning and design decisions that result in a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics.

The episode promises not only a transformed space for Mayim’s best friend, but also a new serenity and the ideal setting for organizing get-togethers with friends.

‘Celebrity IOU’ Season 7 Cast (HGTV)

What happened in “Celebrity IOU” Season 1 Episode 4?

In the latest episode, Fran Drescher teamed up with Jonathan and Drew to express her gratitude to her housekeepers of 30 years, who she considers family.

The ex-nanny sincerely intended to pleasantly surprise them by improving their beloved home. His plan not only focused on aesthetic improvements, but also addressed structural issues to ensure the safety of their beloved home.

Viewers witnessed the emotional journey as Fran, JoC Wnathan and Drew worked together to create a space that reflected the love and appreciation Fran has for her dedicated housekeepers.

The renovation went beyond simple home improvements; it was a gesture of gratitude and a celebration of the bond that had been cultivated over three decades.

From surprise revelations to expressions of heartfelt thanks, the episode showed the power of home transformations to strengthen relationships and create spaces filled with warmth and memories.

‘Celebrity IOU’ stars Jonathan and Drew Scott designed a home for dedicated housekeepers (Instagram/@mrdrewscott)

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