“House of the Dragon” season 2 fans “can’t get over” Aegon’s striking resemblance to the “Stranger Things” star.

Contains spoilers

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Season 2 of ‘House of the Dragon’ premiered on June 16, 2024 on HBO, and fans who have been waiting breathlessly for two years to see their favorite action-adventure series can’t get enough of it

As the series heads to the Dance of the Dragons and the Green and Black factions prepare to go to war, eagle-eyed fans are noticing an uncanny resemblance from the first season and they can’t stop talking about it.

Fans found a similarity between Ty Tennant, who played the character of the younger version of Aegon II Targaryen and Finn Wolfhard, who plays the character of Mike Wheeler in Netflix’s “Stranger Things”.

Fans point out the similarity between Mike Wheeler and Aegon II Targaryen

Photocom of the series
Photocom from the series “House of the Dragon” (@hbo)

The resemblance was so uncanny that some fans almost assumed it was Finn Wolfhard who played the younger version of Aegon II Targaryen. A Reddit user wrote, “I seriously just assumed it was the Stranger Things actor. Sometimes it’s really fun to be wrong.” Another Reddit user commented, “Oh, I thought this too.”

Another Reddit user thought that Finn was suitable to play Daeron Targaryen who was mentioned in Season 2 Episode 2 but has not been shown in the series yet. The user said, “Finn could play Daeron”. The physical characteristics certainly make him the perfect fit. Another Reddit user cheekily said, “Multiverse.”

Fans also didn’t seem to agree with the casting choice of Tom Glynn-Carney as the older version of Aegon after Ty had already played the role. A Reddit user said, “I don’t understand why that kid was ever in it. He seemed as old if not older than the last actor. And I’m pretty sure he’s taller. Made things unnecessarily confusing.”

Another Reddit user added, “Looks wise, sure young Aegon doesn’t look much like older Aegon but in terms of height in the book it is stated that Aegon WAS taller than Aemond in childhood but Aemond soon we raised him when they were adults so the the height at least is correct” indicating the difference between the “Fire and Blood” and “House of the Dragon”.

What happens to Aegon II Targaryen in “House of the Dragon” Season 2?

Photocom from “House of the Dragon” (YouTube/@max)

Aegon II Targaryen is the current king and in the early part of the season, he finds his way as the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. According to the book, as the two factions go to war, Aegon’s decision-making will play a major role in the Greens losing initiative.

In Episode 2, we saw Aegon make a hasty decision when he removed his grandfather Ser Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans) from the position of Hand of Kind and appointed Ser Criston Cole in that position.

As the rest of the Battle of Rook takes place, Aegon and his dragon Sunfyre will be seriously injured and Aegon will be unfit to rule as Aemond takes his place temporarily. When Rhaenyra Targaryen (Emma D’Arcy) takes King’s Landing, Aegon escapes and is not found for a long time.

Aegon has the last laugh against Rhaenyra when he finally feeds her to his dragon. He does not win the war however because it is Rhaenyra’s son Aegon III Targaryen who finally wins the war.

How to stream “House of the Dragon” Season 2?

Sunfyre and King Aegon II (HBO)
Sunfyre and King Aegon II in “House of the Dragon” (@hbo)

“House of the Dragon” Season 2 premiered on HBO Max on Sunday, June 16, 2024, with new episodes dropping every Sunday. To watch the series, you will need a Maximum Subscription.

The streaming platform usually offers three packages that you can choose according to your budget.

The low-cost plan, which supports advertising, costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 annually. The second package, which does not support advertising, costs $15.99 per month or $149.99 annually.

Meanwhile, the third package, titled Ultimate Ad-Free, costs $19.99 per month or $199.99 annually.

‘House of the Dragon’ Season 2 trailer

“House of the Dragon” Season 2 premiered on June 16, 2024, on HBO.

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