How did Jessica Dickman die? Sandusky OH Bowling Green State University graduate dies

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Jessica Dickman

How Did Jessica Dickman Die?

On January 13, 2024, Sandusky, Ohio resident and Bowling Green State University alumna Jessica Dickman passed away tragically at her home. When she died, she was 41 years old. In a social media post that stated, “Our hearts break to learn that we lost an incredible woman far too soon,” she was pronounced dead. Jessica Dickman, you had a huge influence on our family and we will always miss you. Jessica left a lasting impression on all who had the honor of knowing her with her boundless energy, unwavering resilience, and deep empathy.

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Jessica Dickman

Our neighborhood was shaken by the premature departure of Jessica Dickman. His living presence was suddenly taken from us at the age of just 41, leaving us with a deep sense of grief. His contagious laughter, his true kindness and his unwavering commitment to those close to him will forever be engraved in our hearts. Jessica was a beloved Sandusky, Ohio native and an alumna of Bowling Green State University. Her influence on our community and those she touched will always be remembered. His legacy will never cease to motivate us and constantly remind us of the enormous influence one person can have on the lives of others.

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For those lucky enough to know her, Jessica Dickman was a unique individual whose presence left a lasting impression. She had a strong sense of duty to, love and sympathy for her family and community. Jessica didn’t just call Sandusky, Ohio, home; it was a haven where she created a life full of deep relationships. Jessica thrived academically at Bowling Green State University, where she continued her studies in psychology, and she became passionate about learning about the human mind. His commitment to his studies demonstrates his appetite for knowledge and his desire for personal development. Jessica’s unwavering commitment to her family was her essence. Her parents, Greg and Julie Eastlake, loved her dearly and cherished her because she was a polite person.

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