How much money did the NFL ask for 30 second ads during Super Bowl 2024?

The Super Bowl is arguably one of the most popular single-day events in the world of sports. Throughout the year, countless fans eagerly wait to watch the final game of the NFL season. This is the perfect opportunity for brands to run their commercials as the audience is always high. Although the attendance in Super Bowl LVIII was not as impressive, it was still noticeable.

Additionally, brands are always willing to pay huge amounts for their business management as the revenue often outweighs the investment. Every year, the price goes up and fans are curious to know what the commercials cost in this year’s Super Bowl. In addition, brands often start making their special announcements at least a year in advance and release teasers for fans.

Notably, the most expensive Super Bowl commercials were in 2020. According to GoBankingRates, Amazon and Google ads spent $16.8 million that year, respectively. Amazon’s commercial featured Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi as the Alexa voice assistant. On the other hand, Google’s ad was about an old man missing his wife with the help of the search company’s voice assistant.

A 30-second commercial at Super Bowl LVIII cost $7 million

Super Bowl LVIII which was held on the second Sunday of February at Allegiant Stadium was a great success. It had numerous famous personalities coming from all over the world to give promising performances. Some of the celebrities who attended the 2024 Super Bowl were Taylor Swift, Shaquille O’Neal, etc.

Additionally, brands paid an estimated $7 million for a 30-second commercial at Super Bowl LVIII. This amount may seem a bit high to fans for less than one-minute commercials. However, for brands, it’s an investment worth making and they don’t hesitate for a second. Charles Kidd II, who had a 60-second ad in this year’s Super Bowl, told CBS News that sometimes he doesn’t even want to know the budget.

Uber Eats commercial at Super Bowl LVIII stars Jennifer Aniston and David Beckham

Numerous commercials were played during Super Bowl LVIII and one was Uber Eats that came out and went viral. The ad had an interesting story about how to remember, should one forget something else. Their tagline was, “Don’t forget to eat uber.” Additionally, it includes different scenes of how people are forgetting something but remember Uber Eats.

YouTube video

Notably, the brand was on the receiving end of a reaction due to a peanut allergy. Regardless, the Uber Eats commercial at Super Bowl LVIII went viral because it featured Jennifer Aniston and David Beckham. The ‘Friends’ famous couple were in a scene together in which Aniston acted like she forgot she had worked with Beckham for a decade.

Israel’s anti-Semitism campaign during Super Bowl LVIII

One of the other notable ads played during this year’s Super Bowl was by the Israeli government. The campaign was launched to raise awareness about Hamas hostages in Gaza. Israel’s National Directorate of Public Diplomacy has released various videos for this purpose.

Additionally, a video that was only 15 seconds long was mentioned There are still 136 seats available for Sunday’s game. One for each Israeli hostage held by Hamas. Towards the end, “#BringThemHomeNow,” Mentioned in bold letters. In addition, another video was shown with a message to bring home all fathers held captive by Hamas for more than 120 days.

Notably, all the videos released by the Israeli government for anti-Semitism campaigns have caused controversy. A large number of fans believed that it was inappropriate and should not be played at a major event. In addition, people argued that the campaign at the Super Bowl was unwanted. The video has gone viral all over the internet and fans are reacting wildly.

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