How to fix Skull and Bones error OWL-0002900F?

Ubisoft’s pirate game Skull and Bones is all set to launch, and fans are very excited for the long-awaited title. Skull and Bones is set to launch on February 16, 2024, while players who pre-ordered the game will get the game by February 13, 2024 thanks to three days of early access.

However, before the release, the game was available for open beta, which is currently live until February 11, 2024. A few open beta players recently reported a strange bug they were facing in the game.

What causes the OWL-0002900F error in Skull and Bones?

Several players commented on a post by Skull and Bones on their official X page about the open beta. A player named Anthony McCurry wrote, “Is the server down? Getting code OWL-0002900FAnother user ‘Phil Dunphy’ agreed, replying, “Right here!to Anthony.

It is reported that the error code OWL-0002900F mainly pops up when Skull and Bones users try to matchmake, however, the game kicks them out followed by an error message. Some sources claim that the error code OWL-0002900F is a relatively new error and currently, there is no official information available regarding this error.

Error code OWL-0002900F appears to be a server-side problem that can be caused by server overload or outages. However, it should be noted that there is no official word from the devs on what is causing this error. Hence it is difficult to determine the exact cause and solution for it.

How to fix Skull and Bones error code OWL-0002900F?

However, there are a few ways that players can try to temporarily fix the problem in the skull and bones. If it really is a server-side issue, then restarting the game and checking may help. It is advisable to try this twice.

If restarting the game several times does not help, players can try restarting their gaming device with an internet connection. If this also does not help, it is advisable to check for pending updates for the game, if any. If an update is pending and the game is not running on the latest version, players should install the update immediately and then check for the error.

Game loading problem
byu/Calvinator11 inSkullAndBonesGame

If the game has been updated and still the error persists, players can check the game server status. This can be done by visiting Alternatively, players can also visit Downdetector to check for outages on Ubisoft Connect.

If none of these work and the error code OWL-0002900F continues to appear, players can connect to the Ubisoft support team and report the issue to them.

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