How to stream ‘Deadly Wives Club’? Everything you need to know about Lifetime’s mystery-thriller movie

Movie name: Deadly Wives Club aka Death in the Cul-De-Sac

Platform: Lifetime

Release date: July 11, 2024

Country of origin: Canada

Genre: Thriller

Director: David I Strasser

Full cast: Natalie Sharp, Erin Boyes, Matt Hamilton, Alana Hawley Purvis, Dalias Blake, Sidney Quesnelle, Amelia Harrison, Benjamin J Stevens, Chardonnay Hanna, and others

Lifetime is gearing up for the release of their upcoming film “Deadly Wives Club,” which will premiere on Thursday, July 11.

Directed by David I Strasser, this mystery thriller features outstanding stars including Natalie Sharp, Erin Boyes, Matt Hamilton, Alana Hawley Purvis, and others.

The plot revolves around Anita whose life spirals into darkness after moving to an upscale neighborhood. Intrigued by the enigmatic “Wives Club”, she becomes suspicious of a tragic incident involving a former member.

Determined to discover the hidden truths of the club, Anita delves deeper into its secrets.

What is the plot of ‘Deadly Wives Club’?

Erin Boyes and Matt Hamilton in a still from
Erin Boyes and Matt Hamilton in a still from “Deadly Wives Club” (@lifetime)

Anita Jackson and her husband Jack are excited about their new home in an upscale neighborhood, along with their adopted daughter Jilly. Anita feels privileged when invited to join the community’s “Wives Club,” where her schedule quickly fills up with parties, play dates, and fancy lunches.

However, she notices strange occurrences and realizes that the wives are more interested in befriending Jilly than she is.

When Anita learns of the suspicious death of a former club member, she becomes convinced that the wives were involved. Starring Erin Boyes, Matt Hamilton, and Amelia Harrison (2024).

The official plot synopsis reads, “Anita’s life takes a dark turn after moving to an exclusive community. Drawn to the mysterious ‘Wives Club’. Suspecting a sinister truth behind the death of a former member, Anita must uncover the club’s secrets.”

“Deadly Wives Club” main cast

Natalie Sharp

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Natalie Sharp, a Canadian actress, singer, and songwriter hailing from Vancouver, BC, launched her career with early successes in both music and film.

Beginning with professional singing lessons at the age of six, she quickly developed into a multi-talented artist, proficient in guitar and songwriting across genres spanning pop, rock and roll, jazz, R&B, and country.

Sharp’s acting journey began with notable appearances in short films such as “Thank You”, “Shadows”, and “So You Don’t Forget”. She gained online recognition co-creating the sketch comedy show “Speedy and Stretch” alongside Michelle Creber.

Sharp furthered her career with hit guest roles on popular shows such as “Supernatural” and secured recurring roles on “Hit the Road” alongside Jason Alexander, and on “Loudermilk.”

Her feature film debut in the volleyball drama ‘Live Like Line’, starring alongside Helen Hunt and William Hurt, underlined her versatility and rising prominence in the entertainment industry.

Erin Boyes

Erin Kathleen Boyes, originally from Vancouver, Canada, discovered her passion for acting at a young age while living in Delaware. Beginning with a summer camp, her lively personality and love of the spotlight propelled her into acting and modeling classes in Philadelphia, where she excelled under supportive mentors.

She further honed her skills in art school, focusing on drama, dance, and song during her formative years. After graduating, Erin pursued acting seriously in Philadelphia and New York, balancing her studies in Science and Psychology with competitive cheerleading across the East Coast.

Transitioning to full-time acting, she returned to Vancouver in 2006, landing significant roles in films alongside acclaimed actors such as Chris Cooper and Patricia Clarkson.

Erin continues to enrich her craft through continued study and various roles in student films and competitions, cementing her place in the industry.

Alana Hawley Purvis

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Alana Hawley Purvis, sometimes credited as Alana Hawley, is a Canadian actress from Vancouver, British Columbia.

She is best known for her performance as Frankie in the 2021 film Range Roads, for which she received a Canadian Screen Award nomination for Best Actress at the 10th Canadian Screen Awards in 2022.

She previously appeared in “The Valley Below,” a 2014 film by “Range Roads” director Kyle Thomas.

How to stream ‘Deadly Wives Club’?

‘Deadly Wives Club’ is available to stream on Lifetime LMN from Thursday, July 11.

If you don’t have cable, your best option is a live TV streaming service. There are many to choose from, from the expensive but high-quality ‘YouTube TV’ to some less reputable ones that you should be wary of.

For a reliable and affordable service that allows you to record shows, ‘Philo’ is highly recommended. It includes the Lifetime Network, known for its reality shows, and LMN.

If cost is not a concern, consider ‘YouTube TV’ or ‘The DirecTV Ultimate Package’, which offer a wide variety of channels, including Lifetime, although many may not appeal to you.

Alternatively, you can skip live TV and subscribe directly to ‘Lifetime Movie Club’, an on-demand streaming service that specializes in Lifetime movies.

‘Deadly Wives Club’ Trailer

As of now, there is no official trailer available for ‘Deadly Wives Club’, but we will let you know once it is released.

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