‘I can see it in your hair’: Travis Barker’s daughter Alabama slammed for displaying hair extension tape

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Alabama Barker has become a beauty mogul and knows how to flaunt her curves and over-the-top looks on Instagram. But this time, she seemed to have been a little careless.

Daughter of Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, Alabama posted a slew of her photos online Saturday night. But when avid social media users took a closer look at these photos, they could see the tapes of her hair extensions.

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Pointing out the error in Alabama’s uploads, one commented: “I can see it in your hair… it shows… I’m sorry.” To this, another asked: “See what?? The user replied: “Hair extension.”

Another user said: “I like that she doesn’t care what her tapes/tracks are played.” One trolled Alabama: “She’s beautiful but it seems like all she does is ‘get ready’.”

Another laughed, commenting: “Y’all zooming on hair, y’all thirsty.” » “Not the bits showing a girl,” one user wrote.

In the photos, Alabama was seen sporting a sheer dress, black boots and a silver handbag as she posed in front of the garage.

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From the post, it became clear that Alabama was using extensions to make her hair thicker.

Alabama Barker sparks hate on social media for being careless with her hair extensions (Instagram/@alabamaluellabarker)
Alabama Barker sparks hate on social media for being careless with her hair extensions (@alabamaluellabarker/Instagram)

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What does Alabama Barker’s real hair look like?

Alabama uploaded a video to TikTok where the 18-year-old is seen showing off her real hair to the world. She took off her wig saying she was new to wearing wigs.

Alabama said, “I wanted you to be here with me when I take this one off.” However, followers suggested natural blonde Alabama to get a makeover and try a pink or dark red color for her hair.

Alabama’s real hair can be seen in braids in the video as she removed the wig.


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Did Alabama Barker have beauty surgery?

Alabama dropped the plastic surgery truth bomb on social media after being severely trolled. She admitted to only receiving lip fillers as a enhancement treatment.

She claims to have not undergone any surgery, including breast augmentation. However, netizens disagreed with this statement as they could see a visible change in Alabama’s face since she started posting more on social media.

Alabama has often been in the spotlight as she was trolled for trying to appear older than she was.

Alabama Barker wears (Instagram/@alabamaluellabarker)
Alabama Barker admitted to getting lip fillers (@alabamaluellabarker/Instagram)

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