Ice Spice’s hand gesture at Super Bowl 2024 invites conspiracy theories

Super Bowl LVIII was a memorable one for Taylor Swift, as Travis Kelce became the 3-time winner. The Kansas City Chiefs won the coveted title after a thrilling contest, and the pop star expected nothing more. But his friend, and famous rapper, Ice Spice also grabbed a lot of attention.

While Ice’s interaction with Swift grabbed a lot of limelight, a viral video has sparked a new controversy on the Internet. In the clip, the Grammy Award-winning singer can be seen showing off her chugging skills while sitting in her private suite, but Spice is seen making some hand gestures.

In that clip, the rapper can be seen displaying what fans believe to be satanic symbols, and has invoked conspiracy theories. While many people are wondering what exactly she did, others are claiming her to be a satanist, as they believe those were satanic signs.

Fan reaction to Ice Spice’s viral video

As soon as Ice Spice’s video hit the internet, it started circulating heavily and fans started sharing speculations. Someone from the National Football League audience wrote, β€œThis is becoming so obvious that it is beyond the plot

Fan Reaction to Viral Ice Spice Video (Credit-X)

Asked what the rap industry star’s hand gesture meant, a member of the NFL fan community asked, β€œI was wondering what she was doing” “Actually it is a big satanic ritual,” Another fan wrote that the icons are actually related to Satanists. It should be noted that this is just a fan speculation, and nothing has been confirmed about it.

Taylor Swift recently faced similar accusations as Ice Spice

While Spice is facing accusations of being a Satanist after her Super Bowl LVIII appearance, Taylor Swift has recently faced similar accusations. It happened after a video of the pop sensation from one of her concerts started surfacing on social media platforms.

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Among the female star’s fans, she went viral on the internet, but it was a gesture she did that caught the attention of fans. At one point in the video, Taylor can be seen making the “horn sign” with her left hand, which users believe is a moral sign.

But, that too is just a speculation made by fans, and just like Ice Spice, the Grammy Award-winning singer has not spoken out on being called a Sanatist. Will Swift or Spice address these allegations in the near future? We may have to wait for a long time before getting a response from these celebrities on the matter.

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