‘I’m in shock’: ‘Inferno’s Choi Min-ji was heartbroken by basketball player Lee Gwan-hee in the final

SASEUNGBONG-DO, SOUTH KOREA: Choi Min-ji, the newest contestant on “Single Inferno” Season 3, was confident entering the show that she would find a connection. She made sure to stir up the bonds of certain couples by inserting doubt into them.

However, Min-ji was shocked and heartbroken when Lee Gwan-hee ultimately didn’t choose her. Min-ji seemed to be pretty sure that Gwan-hee would team up with her as he said goodbye to Choi Hye-seon in the season 3 finale. As Gwan-hee ultimately chose Hye-seon, Min -ji said as she walked to her seat, “I’m in shock right now. I didn’t see that coming.”

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She added: “I didn’t know it would happen this way.” The finale seemed “wild” to Min-ji. Before Gwan-hee’s final choice was revealed, Min-ji said, “I think the best thing I did during my time in Inferno was go talk to you first.” She added: “You made my heart skip a beat.”

To return the favor, Gwan-hee complimented Min-ji’s attire. He said, “Min-ji, I love this dress.” He says, “You’re about to be my ideal woman. And I’m sorry I didn’t treat you better.”

Gwan-hee then apologized to Min-ji for not reciprocating her in the same way.

Lee Gwan-hee and Choi Hye-seon are dating season 3 of
Lee Gwan-hee and Choi Hye-seon are dating season 3 of ‘Single Inferno’ (Netflix)

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Three women chose ‘Single Inferno’ season 3 star Lee Gwan-hee in the finale

Gwan-hee knew he had three women interested in him. Yun Ha-jeong has made it clear since his first day that it’s Gwan-hee he’s interested in. Although Yun Ha-bin showed his interest in her, Ha-jeong did not entertain him and remained focused on one man. However, Ha-jeong was refused by Gwan-hee.

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On the other hand, Hye-seon was also interested in Gwan-hee since her first heavenly date with him. She tried to explore her connections with other men in the house but eventually realized that she had strong feelings for Gwan-hee.

The third woman who chose Gwan-hee in the finale was Min-ji. She was interested in two men on the show, Lee Jin-seok and Gwan-hee.

Choi Hye-seon, Ha-jeong and Choi Min-ji cast Lee Gwan-hee in the season 3 finale of “Single Inferno” (Netflix)
Choi Hye-seon, Yun Ha-jeong and Choi Min-ji cast Lee Gwan-hee in the season 3 finale of “Single Inferno” (Netflix)

Why did Choi Min-ji cry in ‘Single Inferno’ Season 3?

It was because of Gwan-hee that Min-ji burst into tears. After their heavenly date, they decided to stay together. However, Gwan-hee maintained her condition that in order for him to feel safe, she should not choose Park Min-kyu.

Doing the opposite made Gwan-hee mad. As Min-ji tried to strike up a conversation with Gwan-hee during their helicopter trip to heaven, he acted too cold and pulled her hand away.

This reaction made Min-ji burst into tears. Gwan-hee didn’t know that Min-ji was crying in the helicopter and only realized it after they returned from their paradise. Gwan-hee felt bad and apologized for his behavior to Min-ji.

Lee Gwan-hee, star of season 3 of
‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 3 Star Lee Gwan-hee Gives Choi Min-ji a Cold Shoulder (Netflix)

Season 3 of “Single Inferno” is available to stream on Netflix.

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