Internet Skeptical as ‘The Bachelor’ Season 28 Star Taylor Wiens Reveals Her Age on ABC Show

AGOURA HILLS, CALIFORNIA: After the season 28 premiere of “The Bachelor,” Taylor Wiens’ age became a topic of heated debate on the Internet. Many found it hard to believe she was 23, as they thought she looked much older.

The online discussion was met with skepticism, with viewers questioning whether her age actually matched her appearance, as many were unwilling to believe she was 23.

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Despite Taylor’s claim on the ABC show that she was born on October 8, 1999, making her 24 years old, many in the online community claimed her actual age was different. Critics argued that her appearance did not correspond to an age of 23 or 24, sparking speculation about the accuracy of her age.

Twitter users explained that they knew what a 23-year-old looked like and that he was nowhere near Taylor; others argued that they couldn’t believe Taylor was as old as they were and that it was hard to believe someone could be a “mental health teacher” at such a young age.

“I don’t know what you’re saying, Taylor isn’t 23. Not even 24,” one user tweeted. “Taylor definitely doesn’t look 23, I’ll say that,” argued another. “I know I look young for my age (23), but there’s no way Taylor in #TheBachelor is the same age as me,” one viewer commented. “You know what? I’m going to say it. There’s no way anyone is a mental health ‘professional’ at 23. Taylor,” another added.

I know I look young for my age (23) but there’s no way Taylor on #TheBachelor is the same age as me 😭

– Mélissa Redding (@melissahredding) January 23, 2024

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I don’t know what you’re saying, Taylor isn’t 23. Not even 24 #TheBachelor

– Kyra Jonae ❤️‍🔥 (@kayjonaae) January 23, 2024

Taylor definitely doesn’t look 23, I’ll say #TheBachelor

– AB 🤩 (@_AsiaBrel) January 23, 2024

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Others thought she was using her age to justify her “immature” behavior and thought she was insecure. “Taylor is showing her age! She is blaming and can’t take responsibility for her own bad behavior. Really insecure girl,” one user tweeted. “Taylor and Corrine, your age shows… #immature #thebachelor Also, Taylor, we understand you’re smart. No need to be condescending,” another tweeted.

Taylor and Corrine, your age shows… #immature #thebachelor Also, Taylor, we understand that you are intelligent. No need to be condescending.

— Kelly (@pntbutternKELLY) January 24, 2017

Taylor is showing her age! She shifts blame and cannot take responsibility for her own bad behavior. Really insecure girl. #The single person

– Stephanie (@OliveYou618) March 7, 2017

Why did Jess interrupt Taylor and Joey’s conversation?

Jess caused a stir in the first episode by interrupting Taylor and Joey Graziadei’s conversation midway, expressing her desire to talk to him because she felt she hadn’t been able to communicate properly.

Initially taken back, Taylor eventually agreed to Jess’s request, asking for just one more minute to speak with Joey. While Taylor chatted with Joey, Jess stood nearby, awkwardly waiting for her turn to talk to Joey again.

Jess Edwards, candidate for season 28 of
Jess Edwards interrupted Joey Graziadei and Taylor Wiens’ conversation (Instagram/@jessicaedwards____, @taylorwiens_, @abc)

Did Joey kiss Taylor on ‘The Bachelor’?

In the first episode of “The Bachelor,” Taylor has yet to share a kiss with Joey, while Joey managed to kiss three other women: Jess, Jenn and Daisy.

Jess was the first contestant he kissed, which sparked a sense of panic among the other contestants as they watched Joey’s romantic relationships develop.

Joey Graziadei is the new bachelor on season 28 of “The Bachelor” on ABC.  (Instagram/@joeygraziadei)
Joey Graziadei gave Jessica Edwards her first kiss on ‘The Bachelor’ (Instagram/@joeygraziadei)

Was Taylor Wiens eliminated from ‘The Bachelor’?

In the first episode, Taylor secured her place in the competition by receiving a rose from Joey and has not been eliminated until now.

Unfortunately, the journey ended for other contestants like Chandler Dewgard, Kayla Rodgers, Kyra Brusch, Lanie Latsios, Nat Crepeau, Sam Hale, Talyah Jackson, Zoe Antona, Sandra Rabadi and Samantha Washington, who were eliminated after the first episode.

Taylor Wiens is a big fan of Taylor Swift's music (Instagram/@taylorwiens_)
Taylor Wiens was not eliminated from ‘The Bachelor’ (Instagram/@taylorwiens_)

New episodes of “The Bachelor” season 28 air every Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC and are available to stream on Hulu the next day.

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