Internet Trolls ‘Bhad Bhabie’ Star Danielle Bregoli As She Lands First Role in ‘Drugstore June’ Movie

BOYNTON BEACH, FLORIDA: After her appearance on “Dr. Phil,” Danielle Bregoli gained attention and was even nominated for the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards in the “Trending” category thanks to her catchphrase.

However, her life took a turn when she spent time at Turn-About Ranch, a facility for “troubled teens” in Escalante, Utah.

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In June 2020, TMZ reported on her admission to rehab, where she addressed childhood trauma and prescription pill abuse. Danielle’s management team expressed pride in her courageous decision to seek help.

After completing a 30-day stint in rehab, she released a music video for her song “Do It Like Me” in November 2020, featuring famous friends like Demi Lovato, Charlie XCX, Blac Chyna, Chief Keef, Pia Mia and Lexy P. in a quarantine-themed shoot amid the global pandemic.

Following Danielle’s recent signing on for her debut film, “Drugstore June,” in which she plays a girl working at a smoke shop, the Internet quickly subjected her to trolling.

Many people claimed that she got the role without demonstrating significant skills, leading to discussions about her casting and the entertainment industry’s perception of her abilities.

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“She’s just regular trash,” one user wrote on Instagram.

“This must be a super low budget movie or porn,” another user joked.

“She belongs in the street,” commented one user.

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“They must be desperate,” one person said.

“This girl came for absolutely nothing. Gotta give her props for this Imaoo,” another user said.

“No kind of skills showed up. Crazy society we live in,” one user added.

“The name of the movie Trash is perfect for this trashy woman,” another user wrote.

What is the plot of the movie “Drugstore June”?

In a charming small town, chaos erupts when the local pharmacy becomes the target of a robbery. Enter a strong-willed young woman still living with her parents.

Fueled by a mix of independence and determination to move on from her ex-boyfriend, she sets out on a mission to unravel the mystery behind the crime.

Juggling the quest for justice and his personal journey, our protagonist grapples with the complexities of adulthood.

The film tells a story of resilience, growth and self-discovery as she navigates the aftermath of the theft while trying to overcome lingering ties to her past relationship.

Leading the creative team, director Nicholaus Goossen collaborates with writer Esther Povitsky to bring the film to life. The cast includes such luminaries as Beverly D’Angelo, Jackie Sandler, Haley Joel and other notable performers.

Bhad Bhabie lands his first film (Instagram/Bhadbhabie)
‘Bhad Bhabie’ star Danielle Bregoli lands her first film (Instagram/Bhadbhabie)

Why was Danielle Bregoli on ‘Dr Phil’?

On September 14, 2016, Bregoli and her mother, Barbara Ann, made an appearance on “Dr Phil” for a segment titled “I Want to Ditch My Car-Stealing, Knife-Waving, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter and Who Tried” . to have me accused of a crime.

The episode showed his mother’s distress due to Bregoli’s involvement in criminal activities and his association with questionable friends, which attracted considerable attention.

Following the episode, Bregoli accused “Dr. Phil” of sending her to an abusive boarding school/work ranch for “troubled teens” in Utah.

She claimed that “Dr. Phil” was aware of the situation there, despite his claims to the contrary on social media.

Bhad Bhabie has a long dating history (YouTube/bhadbhabie)
Danielle Bregoli was on ‘Dr Phil’ for her troubled behavior (YouTube/bhadbhabie)

Who is the father of Danielle Bregoli’s baby?

“Dr Phil” star Bhad Bhabie, 20, is expecting her first child with partner Le Vaughn.

As details about their relationship were revealed in 2021, the couple deliberately kept a low profile. It should be noted that this will be Le Vaughn’s second child, as he is already the father of a son.

Danielle is expecting her first child (Instagram/Bhadbhabie)
Danielle is expecting her first child (Instagram/Bhadbhabie)

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