Internet trolls Meghan King’s father Kevin as ‘RHOC’ star reveals 70 years taught him ‘ethical hunting’

LOUIS, MISSOURI: “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Meghan King uploaded a slew of photos of her father Kevin King to Instagram to mark his birthday.

In the first photo, his father is seen posing while holding a shooting gun in his hand.

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Meghan then admitted in her post that her father taught her how to “shoot a gun safely and hunt ethically.” This shocked the internet and one user asked the ‘RHOC’ star: “Hunting ethically? Is that really a thing???”

Meghan said: “Yes, absolutely. If anyone is interested in hunting, it taught me that I have to respect the life of the animal by cleaning it myself and eating it myself. If I didn’t want to do any of these steps, then I would.” I have no right to kill for the sake of killing. Needless to say, I have never hunted. “

To this, another replied: “To me it looks like he is an animal killer. » Another quote in the comments section: “Don’t kill animals.”

'RHOC' Star Meghan King Reveals Her Father Taught Her How to 'Hunt Ethically' (Instagram/@meghanking)
‘RHOC’ Star Meghan King Reveals Her Dad Kevin Taught Her How to ‘Hunt Ethically’ (Instagram/@meghanking)

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Meghan King wishes her father Kevin a happy 70th birthday

Meghan wrote in her post: “Happy 70th birthday to the most amazing dad imaginable and more (I’m not kidding).”

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She then praised her father’s efforts to appreciate her future.

Meghan says: “My dad is the ultimate family man, a patient dad who takes our kids on all kinds of adventures (always with my mom, let’s be honest).” She then went on to explain how her father taught her to hunt.

“Taught me how to shoot a gun safely and hunt ethically, took long naps after a morning hunt on those trips where he let my sister and I accompany him to at her country house – a cabin? – during hunting season, so Caitlin and I could sneak into the abandoned houses and that church across the street,” Meghan added.

Her father let them scratch tickets and took them to an ice cream parlor at 3 a.m. when she was 10 and had a bad dream. Meghan then describes that her father loves moccasins.

“This is the father I know and a million other memories,” Meghan wrote of her memories. Meghan revealed her father reinvented himself.

After she begged him to retire, her father instead chose to shift gears in his career. He decides to become CEO of a bank at age 70.

Meghan ends her message on a sweet note: “Here’s to 70 years, Dad, KLK, Kev Killer, Kemmy, Dad, and for being my beacon in the storm and the greatest inspiration to us all.”

The star of
‘RHOC’ Star Meghan King Wishes Her Dad Kevin a Happy 70th Birthday (Instagram/@meghanking)

‘RHOC’ Star Meghan King Mourns Loss of Nuclear Family

Giving a glimpse into her true feelings, Meghan revealed that she misses the nuclear family.

She wrote in one of her posts as Meghan uploaded a photo with her daughter: “Sometimes, looking at photos like this, I think of the ignorant happiness I felt. In that moment, I n I had no idea things would be the way they are today.”

She turns out to be “a little bitter” because she wears “pain with a badge of honor because of how far she’s come.” She then adds: “I envy those who have a nuclear family and I mourn the one I lost.”

Even after losing one, she considers herself the “happiest, wisest and most powerful” woman.

The star of
‘RHOC’ Star Meghan King Cries Over No Longer Having a Nuclear Family (Instagram/@meghanking)

How many children does ‘RHOC’ star Meghan King have?

“RHOC” star Meghan is a single mother of three. She had all three with her ex-husband Jim Edmonds.

Meghan has a daughter and twins. She welcomed her daughter Aspen in November 2016.

A year later, Meghan announced her second pregnancy with twins. She then welcomed sons Hart and Hayes in June 2018.

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