Is Aaron Evans leaving “Love Island USA”? Speculation abounds after movie night scandal

MAMANUCA ISLANDS, Fiji: “Love Island USA” Season 6 movie night ignited intense drama and exposed islanders’ lies. In the latest episode, tensions peaked when Aaron Evans’ infidelity was exposed, leaving Kaylor Martin sad and furious. Despite Aaron’s attempts to justify his actions, the Casa Amor footage drove a wedge between them.

Aaron admitted to kissing bombshell Daniela Rivera twice, explaining that their relationship was not serious. He emphasized that he intended to test his bond with Kaylor. Meanwhile, movie night exposed Aaron’s lies when it was revealed that he not only kissed Daniela more than twice but also engaged in making love with her.

In the preview for the next episode, Aaron was seen enjoying a steamy kiss with his Casa Connection, Daniela, which left Kaylor in tears. Kaylor faced Aaron and said, “I respected you so much.” Aaron was left speechless and abruptly left movie night, sparking speculation that he might quit after ditching his microphone.

“Love Island USA” Season 6 star Aaron Evans sparks self-elimination speculation (@pavo)

“Love Island USA” Season 6 star Kaylor Martin criticizes Aaron Evans for his Casa Amor drama

“Love Island USA” season 6 star Kaylor Martin was left devastated after watching the full video clip of Aaron Evans and Daniela Rivera that she received before the Casa Reunion. The footage showed Aaron kissing and making out with Daniela by the pool, leaving Kaylor heartbroken.

However, Kaylor noted, “At this point, I don’t even have tears to cry, like the situation, it just keeps surprising me.” The Peacock show islander tearfully shared in the confessional, “I just feel stupid, and I feel like the Aaron I thought I knew is not who he actually is.” She added, “All the things he’s said to me make me wonder if it’s lust or love.”

Kaylor Martin feels
“Love Island USA” Season 6 star Kaylor Martin slams Aaron Evans’ drama Casa Amor (@pavo)

Aaron Evans confessed his love for Kaylor Martin

“Love Island USA” Season 6 islander Aaron Evans apologized to Kaylor Martin after he told Daniela Rivera he wanted to shower with her. Tearfully, Kaylor expressed her uncertainty about what to believe. When Kaylor accused Aaron of giving up on their relationship too easily, he surprised her by proposing.

Aaron said, “I came here alone because I wanted to be with you at the end of the day,” adding, “I f****g love you.” He further noted, “I literally loved you like last week, didn’t I? I want to work for this. I don’t want to f****g just throw this way.”

“Love Island USA” Season 6 star Aaron Evans proposes to Kaylor Martin (@pavo)

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