Is Charles Leclerc ‘disappointed’ by Ferrari signing Lewis Hamilton?

The 2024 season started with a bang as news broke that Lewis Hamilton would be moving to Ferrari to continue his successful career in the sport. The champion, who spent 11 years with the Silver Arrows team, decided to change his path for the 2025 season and look for his 8th title. However, it seems that Charles Leclerc was not too happy with the sudden decision.

With the news that Andretti had been denied the start of the 2024 season, Christian Horner was in deep trouble losing his position as team principal and Hamilton made a dramatic switch to his team. However, there were reports that Leclerc was aware of Hamilton’s switch and that Carlos Sainz had lost his mind. But recent reports of Monegasque not being aware have left many confused.

Charles Leclerc’s disappointment at Lewis Hamilton decision fills Ferrari

The F1 community was left distraught and shocked after the seven-time world champion announced his plans to fulfill another childhood wish. He spoke about his desire to drive in Ferrari Red after achieving everything while continuing to chase his 8th title. Meanwhile, Carlos Sainz looked troubled by the whole situation.

The Spaniard spoke about how unfair it was for him to lose his seat as he prepares for the 2024 season with Ferrari. While he has no other bid for a seat for 2025 until Audi enters the game in 2026, Hamilton is ready to change the course of action to win the record-breaking title. However, Leclerc’s new reports appear to differ from what was previously reported.

Ferrari drivers Charles Leclerc (left) and Carlos Sainz (right) (Credit-GPFans, PlanetF1)

Earlier, around the time of Hamilton’s switch, it was revealed that Leclerc had known about Hamilton joining Ferrari and had signed a contract extension with the team soon after. However, it seems that talks about becoming champions at Ferrari were a rather “disappointing” conversation and filled the Maranello quarters with tension.

Reports mentioned that rather than being happy, the Monegasque was disappointed by Ferrari’s decision and was shocked by the thought of joining Hamilton. Corriere dello Sport confirmed that the Ferrari race winner “Had no idea what was going to happen.However, since then, the article has been removed from the website and is no longer available.

With no certainty of what’s right and wrong, fans can only take the fact that Hamilton is excited to embark on a new journey in mind.

Lewis Hamilton’s ‘Ferrari dream’ backfires

Lewis Hamilton. Made an important post to confirm the news of his move to Ferrari. The driver wrote a heartfelt thank you to the Mercedes team and the 11 years he spent with them, and mentioned his dream of one day driving for the Prancing Horse. After waiting for three years, Hamilton finally made up his mind to rely on Ferrari to build a championship-winning car.

However, Fernando Alonso believes otherwise. After the Brit announced the “Ferrari Dream”, the Spaniard said of it in an interview, “That wasn’t his childhood dream 12 months ago, was it? Or two months ago I believe, because it was a different dream”

While Alonso and Hamilton had a short-lived rivalry during their McLaren days, the two seem to have continued their love-hate relationship. Alonso became a two-time champion with Renault and soon saw Hamilton, a rookie, surpass him and achieve more in his beloved sport. While they continue to race together and maintain respectability, Hamilton’s move has also confused Alonso.

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