Jasmine sun poisoning case: who poisoned Zhu Ling?

Here we will give details about Zhu Ling as the public searches for her on the Internet. The public uses the Internet to know more about Zhu Ling and not only they also like to know the details of her death because the news about it goes viral on the Internet. So we have brought information about Zhu Ling in this article for our readers. Not only that we are also going to give details about his death as the public searches for him on the internet. So keep reading the article to know more.

Cases of jasmine sun poisoning

Cases of jasmine sun poisoning

Anthony Albanese is facing calls to deport a person of interest in a well-known unsolved poisoning case that has plagued China for decades and landed it in the hands of his native country’s justice system. The individual in question resides in a peaceful Australian seaside town. Zhu Ling, who spent almost her entire adult life confined to a wheelchair and having the mental capacity of a six-year-old, died just three days before Christmas last year, at the age of fifty. The once-talented pianist had spent several months in 1994 and 1995 as a student at Tsinghua University in Beijing when he was regularly poisoned with an extremely deadly substance, thallium.

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In his situation, no one has ever been prosecuted. However, Sun Wei, her roommate and chemistry classmate, was first examined by Chinese authorities before being fired. Although Ms. Sun always insisted on her innocence, Internet-fueled distrust accompanied her throughout her life. In the days since Ms. Zhu’s death, speculation about Ms. Sun has only intensified on Weibo, a popular Chinese social media platform. Today, three hours north of Sydney, in a quiet coastal community, our publication tracked down fifty-year-old Ms Sun, who now moves under the name Sun “Jasmine” Shiyan.

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In the quiet coastal enclave of Salamander Bay, near Port Stephens, locals call Ms Sun and her wife Feiyu Xie “Jasmine and Ringo”. A neighbor remarked: “They make a lovely couple with a young daughter; in fact, they stay alone. It never occurred to locals that Jasmine might be linked to the thirty-year-old unsolved poisoning case that has fascinated millions of Chinese. The two men, who have built a multimillion-dollar real estate empire in the area, were apparently vacationing in Japan on Wednesday when this publication visited them. On Friday afternoon, they had scheduled an auction for one of their investment homes, which had a reserve price of $1.1 million.

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