Jaylen Brown Fans Express Their Frustration With Latest NBA 2K25 Announcement

Debate regarding Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown has grown in the aftermath of the 2024 NBA Finals. As most fans should be aware, the Celtics have finally gotten the job done after several deep postseason runs in recent times. As a result, Tatum and Brown were in the spotlight during that offseason.

Although Jayson Tatum didn’t win the Finals MVP award and wasn’t better compared to Jaylen Brown during the Finals, he still deserves a fair share of credit for the success his team is currently experiencing. However, fans believe that NBA 2K25 crossed the line with its most recent decision. That said, let’s take a closer look and find out more.

Many fans believe that Jayson Tatum should not have gotten the cover athlete spot for NBA 2K25.

For those who don’t know, NBA 2K is a well-known video game franchise that has dominated the basketball market for several years. Every year, 2K releases a new version that includes the latest players and other features. Every release that NBA 2K ships is usually with a cover athlete.

It has been announced that Jayson Tatum will be the cover athlete for the standard edition of NBA 2K25. After hearing about this decision, fans took to social media and shared their thoughts. Many believed that Jaylen Brown should have been the cover athlete over Tatum, “Putting Jayson Tatum on the cover over Jaylen Brown is like putting Scottie Pippen on it over Michael Jordan. Has another #2 ever been on an NBA 2K cover?”

While Tatum may have been the best player for the Celtics all season, it was Jaylen Brown who stepped up in the moments that mattered most and got the job done. He even won the Finals MVP award as a result. Therefore, one can understand why fans wanted Brown to be selected over Tatum.

However, they won the championship together. No one can hate Tatum for being picked either. After all, Tatum played a pivotal role in the team’s success. Finally, let’s find out about the other athletes who have been chosen for the covers of various upcoming editions of NBA 2K25.

4 editions for NBA 2K25 have been announced so far

Since NBA 2K25 is still a few months away from being released, information about the upcoming releases may vary over time. Currently, reports indicate that 4 editions of NBA 2K25 have been announced. As already mentioned Tatum will be the cover athlete for the standard edition.

WNBA star A’ja Wilson will be the cover athlete for the WNBA edition. Wilson and Tatum will together be the cover athletes for the all-star edition. Finally, it was announced that Vince Carter would be the cover for the Hall of Fame edition.

Carter is a former star and one of the most explosive dunkers in league history. Picking him this year was a nice touch. Fans are left wondering what other editions will be released for NBA 2K25.

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