Jey Uso Is The Perfect Guy To Win MITB 2024, And His Rising Popularity Shows It

WWE continued the buildup to MITB 2024 on this week’s RAW as the storylines continued to progress for the PLE in Toronto. The show was really entertaining, and the credit for setting the tone for the same goes to Jey Uso, because he opened the July 1st edition of the red brand with an extraordinary entrance.

Walking to the ring through the fans, Main Event Jey made an incredible entrance on the show, and the aura he had throughout the segment was exceptional. In fact, with the kind of support he has received from the WWE Universe on the red brand, the pro wrestling community believes he is a top contender to win the Money in the Bank 2024 briefcase.

Not only this week’s entry, but the kind of love and support Jey has received since moving to Monday Night RAW has been incredible. Being the leader of the “Yeet Movement”, Jey Uso has made everyone aware of his popularity among fans, and it’s enough to make him one of the most likely winners of this year’s MITB match in Toronto.

WWE Universe is very optimistic about Jey Uso’s MITB victory

As seen in his entrances, Jey has risen in popularity, the WWE Universe is very optimistic about Jey Uso’s MITB victory. Sharing how Main Event Jey is the best choice to win the prestigious briefcase, a listener commented, “My Money in the Bank winner right here!” (Through-X)

WWE Universe is very optimistic about Jey Uso's MITB victory
WWE Universe is very optimistic about Jey Uso’s MITB victory (Credits- X)

Showing how the favorite star is likely to be the one to win it all, someone wrote, “Yes, he wins MITB.” “Literally don’t see a better choice to win MITB,” said another fan. “This could be proof that he wins MITB,” said a wrestling enthusiast while talking about Jey’s chances of winning at the upcoming event in Canada.

Jey Uso will have some tough competition in the MITB match

The WWE Universe is rooting for Main Event Jey to leave the briefcase of the event in Toronto, but it won’t be that easy for him. Jey Uso will have some tough competition in the MITB match, and therefore it will be important for him to be careful during the match so that he can end up winning the MITB contract to have a title match when he wants to.

Chad Gable, Andrade, Carmelo Hayes, Drew McIntyre, and LA Knight are the other superstars who will be part of the match, and it shows the quality of in-ring performers in the attack. Among the names mentioned above, Drew McIntyre is probably the biggest challenge for Jey, as The Scottish Warrior has done some incredible work under his heel persona.

If WWE plans to give him their flowers, Drew could end up winning the MITB 2024 briefcase. But Jey Uso is also a huge favorite to get the win because of the kind of fan base he’s built up in the last few months. Looking at the support he received from the fans, the company might really be considering giving Jey a win in Toronto. All in all, it’s safe to say that MITB 2024 could very well be the start of Jey’s rise to the top of the company’s singles division.

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