Joel Embiid, Karl-Anthony Towns make history; Titans plan to hire Brian Callahan

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🏀Good morning everyone, but especially…

Joel Embiid…and Karl-Anthony Towns

on the 18th anniversary of Kobe BryantIn an 81-point game, two of today’s stars gave that coveted number a run for their money.

we will start joel embiidwho scored Franchise-record 70 points In 76ers‘Win 133-123 Spurs,

  • Embiid is the ninth player to reach the 70-point mark, and the 14th 70-point game in NBA history. Wilt Chamberlain Nearly half of those are with six, but Chamberlain’s career high was 68 with the 76ers.
  • Embiid also had a career-high 18 rebounds. He joins Chamberlain and elgin boiler As the only player to have a 70-point, 18-rebound game.
  • Embiid is now up to 21 consecutive 30-point games; Only Chamberlain and james harden There have been long streaks.

While Embiid suffocated the Spurs from inside the arc, carl-anthony town did this everywhere along the way timberwolves Franchise-record 62 points against Hornets,

  • became towns The first player in NBA history To make 10 2-pointers, 10 3-pointers and 10 free throws in a game.
  • Towns had 44 points at halftime, the most first half points in the play-by-play era, which dates back to 1996–97.
  • However, Minnesota needed a little more in the second half, as the Hornets actually won 128–125. towns join together Surprisingly long list of players who have scored 60 – in defeat,

It’s the fourth time in NBA history – and the first time since david thompson And george gervin In 1978 – Multiple players had 60+ points in a single night. Here are even more crazy numbers from a crazy night.

😃 Honorable Mention

Titans plan to hire Brian Callahan as head coach

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In form of Bengal offensive coordinator, brian callahan Helped turn one of the NFL’s young, exciting quarterbacks into a star. Now, he has the same opportunity titans head coach. tennessee Became the second team to fill its head coaching position this offseasonThat made the 39-year-old Callahan the league’s sixth-youngest coach.

  • Callahan spent five years as Cincinnati’s offensive coordinator, the last four of which he spent with joe burro, In Burrow’s two healthy seasons (2021, 2022), Cincinnati ranked first in passer rating and second in yards per attempt. The Bengals made the Super Bowl in the 2021 season.
  • Before Cincinnati, Callahan coached raiders And lions (both with quarterbacks coach) and won a Super Bowl as an offensive assistant broncos,
  • he is the son of bill callahanMany abilities and currently a long time coach Browns Offensive line coach.

While Burrows is the most recent headliner, Brian Callahan has also worked with Peyton Manning, Derek Carr And Matthew Stafford, This year when the borough went down, jake browning Stepped in as a starter and went 4-3, leading the league in completion percentage (70.4%) and ranking fourth in yards per attempt (8.0).

But that’s all in the past, and his latest disciple Will Lewis, The 2023 second-round pick had his ups and downs in his rookie year but showed a lot of potential in nine games. However, there is more to Callahan’s vision as a head coach.

  • When mike vrabel firing This was a bit of a surprise, with the Titans going through a period of major change like any team. Tennessee went 41–24 in Vrabel’s first four years but went 13–21 after that.
  • The offensive cornerstones of those successful days are the free agent: derrick henry Said goodbye after 18th weekAnd Ryan Tannehill There is a possibility of him going out also. There are many holes to be filled in a once effective defense.
  • Callahan fits with GM ran carthan, which is entering its second year, is paramount. Vrabel, when separated from the owner amy adams strunk She said she was looking for “an aligned and collaborative team across all football functions”.
  • Tennessee is ranked 7th overall. In His latest mock draftJosh Edwards has the Titans’ tackle selection Joe Alt,

😬 Not so honorable mention

🏀 NBA Midseason Grades and Opponent Week Preview

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Happy rivals week, NBA fan! The second annual series of notable matchups begins tonight, and there will be plenty of exciting matchups. Jasmine Wimbish ranked in the top five, and number 1 is very, very good. (Hint: This includes the guy who scored 70 points last night.)

Rival Week also coincides with passing the halfway point of the season, and thus, James Herbert, Brad Botkin and Jack Maloney Midseason grades given, Seven teams entered the “A” categoryBut only two earned an “A+”: the celtics And the 76ers. On the other end, it’s been tough sledding for them Warrior’swhich received a “D” from Colin Ward-Henninger.

  • Ward-Henninger: ,draymond greensuspension of, Andrew Wiggins‘Unspeakable disappearing acts and injuries to chris paul And gary payton ii Golden State made headlines in the first half. This is almost a complete disaster. The defense has been atrocious, with a lot of fouling and a general lack of athleticism. Offensively, the Warriors have turned the ball over excessively and have been unable to consistently find another option. Stephen CurryWhich has endured the recent recession.”

If you’ve been focused on football until now, I don’t blame you. But if you’re looking to add basketball to your viewing rotation, Rivals Week and this grade There are great places to start.

⚾ Baseball Hall of Fame Predictions


The 2024 Baseball Hall of Fame class will be announced tonight, and we’ll finally find out who’s getting inducted Jim LeylandWho was it Contemporary Baseball Era Polled by Non-Players Committee In early December.

The first one to join them is an easy call, based not only on the publicly released polls so far, but also on the fact that Matt Snyder said “There’s…a very good case he’s one of the top three” All-time third basemen: adrian beltre,

So these are two. Will there be more? matt says yes,

  • Snyder: ,joe mauer He was one of those candidates where I wasn’t sure the voting body would support him enough to get him in the first year, but right now the returns look like he’s going to be in. He is polling with almost 5/6 (83.3%) votes cast since ballots were mailed. The largest drop between public and private ballots is in the 7-8% range, so it’s entirely possible that Mauer falls into the low 70s and misses the mark this season. However, the circumstances are in his favor at the moment.”

However, Mauer is far from the only set of tense Tuesday Todd Helton And billy wagner This is also expected to be right close to the required 75% mark.

Matt has done an excellent job of vetting candidacies a year before he himself becomes a voter.

you can see Matt’s predicted full class of 2024 Here.

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