John Cena Announcing His Retirement In Canada Has A Special Bond With His Wife Shay Shariatzadeh

WWE revealed on the Money in the Bank 2024 pre-show that there might be some surprises on the show, and fans were wondering who might appear. But, there is hardly anyone who would have thought about an appearance of John Cena. The Cenatian Leader didn’t just appear; he also made an extremely important announcement about his retirement.

The veteran announced that he will soon retire from WWE and revealed that 2025 will be his last year as an active in-ring performer on the roster. But John Cena announcing his retirement in Canada has a relationship with his wife, Shay Shariatzadeh, who is Canadian.

The reason why announcing the plans for his retirement in Toronto, Canada, was extremely special for Cena was because that is where he met his wife. Also, Shay lived in Canada for a long time, and so making this revelation at MITB 2024 was like a full-circle moment for The Cenation Leader.

For those who were unable to watch the entire segment, Cena’s wife was also present at ringside for this segment at the Money in the Bank event. In fact, after John made the announcement, he and his wife shared a nice moment before The Cenation Leader went backstage at the arena.

John Cena talks about making the announcement in Canada

The Cenatian Leader announcing his retirement at MITB 2024 is obviously really surprising to the WWE Universe. But a bigger question is why John Cena decided to make this announcement in Canada and not in the US. The reason behind this was also revealed by Cena during his interaction with the audience, as he spoke about it briefly.

He said, “I’ve been in WWE for over two decades, and in that time I’ve seen incredible waves of prosperity as we’ve come across. You have to make noise for yourselves because you all built this to be what it is today, which in my mind makes this the perfect place to say what I have to say..” Because of these aspects, the 16-time WWE Champion probably decided to make probably the biggest announcement of his professional wrestling career in Canada.

The Cena Leader gives details on his WWE retirement

Along with making the announcement about his retirement and sharing the reason why he made it to Canada, John Cena gave detailed information about it. Initially, The Cenation Leader talked about the move of Monday Night RAW to Netflix and said that he will be a part of the first episode of WWE RAW on Netflix. The 16-time World Champion then shared that Royal Rumble 2025 would be his last appearance at the special event.

Speaking further, he added that he will be at Elimination Chamber 2025. In addition to this, John confirmed that WrestleMania 41 in Las Vegas will be his last match in the Triple H-led promotion, and he will retire later. All in all, Cena has shared his entire schedule before his retirement from WWE, and it will definitely be really interesting to see how things pan out for the legendary superstar.

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