John Cena Dragged LeBron James to Brutally Troll Kevin Durant in an Unforgettable Moment

John Cena once entertained the NBA world to a great extent with his statements regarding LeBron James and Kevin Durant. Almost all basketball fans should know that CD and LeBron are two of the greatest players of the modern generation and are otherworldly talents.

Cena needs no introduction to any part of the sports world and is an incredibly well known wrestler, actor and more. The WWE star was given the opportunity to host the 2016 ESPYs. He took full advantage of the situation and made a very astute analysis regarding the story surrounding LeBron and KD. That said, let’s take a closer look and find out more.

John Cena joked about LeBron James’ heel turn in the NBA

Since LeBron has been in the league the longest compared to the rest of the players, it can be accepted that he has experienced and seen the most. From the media to the fans to interactions with teammates, coaches and other members of management, there are very few things that LeBron does not have knowledge or information about.

Because of the interesting trajectory that King James’ career took, he was viewed differently by fans based on the team he played for. LeBron was loved during his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers but viewed as a villain when he left the Cavs to join the Heat. He then returned to the Cavs and was adored again. Cena subtly pointed out that this constant change in identity forced the NBA to give another star the role of being the bad guy.

“Especially when you look at the whole story. Okay LeBron, you used to be a good guy. And then you became a bad guy and now you’re a good guy again? You left the NBA hanging. What will they do when they don’t have a bad guy? Exactly what we do. They will make a new one.”

Images of Durant and LeBron flashed on the big screen behind the WWE wrestler as he made these statements. It’s certainly an interesting concept to think about on a deeper level. After all, creating stories around players based on their career choices is something that is highly debated and debated by fans.

Why has Kevin Durant faced more scrutiny than LeBron James?

Although LeBron has dealt with quite a bit of backlash after joining the Miami Heat, it’s nothing compared to what Kevin Durant suffered after leaving the OKC Thunder to play with Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors. While both stars have left their teams to join contenders and win championships, they are viewed completely differently by fans.

After all, the Heat weren’t defending NBA champions when LeBron joined the team. In addition, the Warriors were the team that eliminated KD and the OKC Thunder before he joined them. Therefore, the notion that Durant joined the team that beat him gained a lot of traction.

In any case, Cena’s point may also make fans wonder which future NBA star will be viewed as a villain after LeBron James and Kevin Durant retire from the league.

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