John Cena’s Retirement Announcement Makes NBA Fans Appreciate LeBron James Even More

NBA fans have found a way to link LeBron James to the latest John Cena news. For those who may not know much about sports outside of basketball, John Cena is one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history and can be considered a global celebrity, much like LeBron James.

Although WWE is more on the entertainment side, it cannot be denied that wrestlers like Cena have to put in tremendous work to perform the required stunts. The WWE legend sports fans around the world after he finally retired from his professional career as a wrestler.

Fans acknowledged LeBron James’ long career after John Cena officially retired from the WWE.

In all fairness, there was really no reason for LeBron James to be mentioned or involved on any level. After all, a WWE wrestler’s retirement clearly has nothing to do with an NBA star. However, the very fact that LeBron was in the NBA a year after John Cena made his debut is quite remarkable,”LeBron really has been in the NBA forever.”

While many critics were quick to attack LeBron fans for trying to make him a topic of discussion, the longevity that King James has shown for over 2 decades is something that Michael Jordan was never able to do during his own career.

It is already known that LeBron is the NBA’s all-time leading scorer and is currently the oldest active player. Because he made it to the NBA straight out of high school, LeBron also started his career when he was younger than one might expect.

King James will be in Year 22 next season with Lakers. The fact that he is still playing at a high level while other athletes who entered their respective fields around the same time have already retired is something that LeBron’s fan base is looking to point out.

Who is the only other athlete with a career longer than LeBron James?

One would agree that it is unfair to consider any non-contact sports athletes. NFL fans will know that Tom Brady played for 23 seasons and is viewed by many as the GOAT for American Football. Brady is the only professional athlete to have played more seasons than LeBron James.

Since LeBron signed a 2-year contract with the Lakers recently, he will finish Year 23 and retire at the same point when Tom Brady did the same. If James decides to hang around or even become a bench player like veterans usually do, it’s entirely possible for him to play even longer and surpass Tom Brady.

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