Kanye West promotes Yeezy fashion line in quirky Super Bowl commercial

Win the Super Bowl and drive in a Hyundai?

While Verizon paid Beyoncé $30 million to star in its splashy Super Bowl 2024 ad (according to the Telegraph ), Kanye West went in a decidedly different direction for his own commercial, filming it with his cell phone in the backseat of a car. .

“Hey everyone, this is Ye and this is my commercial,” he begins the dark, grainy video, flashing his $850,000 custom titanium dentures.

The “Gold Digger” rapper, 46 — who looks like he’s struggling to speak with his new tooth bling — admitted that because he “spent all the money on the commercial” his brand “really didn’t spend any money on the actual business. .”

With the Super Bowl 2024 commercial running $7 million for a 30-second spot, according to The Hollywood Reporter , it looks like Ye doesn’t have any cash left over for the glossy ad — though the outlet noted that Yeezy’s spot didn’t run. All markets, suggesting it spent less on commercials.

No matter the cost, he made sure to get his message across.

“But the idea is I want you to go to Yeezy.com,” he continued, spelling out the site’s name and adding, “Imma write it at the bottom of the screen.”

West ended the strange spot by saying, “And I got some shoes, and ummmm… that’s it.”

The controversial singer was referring to his sock-like foldup Yeezy Pods shoes ($20), with everything on his website now priced at a bargain — including the “Wet” tank ($20) his wife, Bianca Sensori, sported in a recent paparazzi shoot is Pictures and shirts promoting his latest album, “Vultures.”

While his ad was no-budget, West certainly didn’t skimp on his attire for Sunday’s big game, donning a vintage 1996 Alexander McQueen crucifix mask to attend the Super Bowl with Sensory.

Marking the 14th anniversary of the legendary designer’s death on February 11, the mask — which she wore with a black leather jacket, gloves and coordinating pants — was a notable choice.

As for his commercial, Twitter users were divided on whether the rapper was spinning his wheels or whether his bargain ad was actually “genius.”

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Kanye West spent millions of dollars on a #SuperBowlAd that he recorded with his phone asking people to buy his shoes… he could have posted it on social media for free. 99″ a fan wrote on social media platforms.

“Kanye West spent $7,000,000 on 30-second Super Bowl AD,” another account posted. “They spent $0 on the production of the commercial. Genius or waste of money 🤣🤣?”

One fan thought the ad fell into the former category, writing“The Greatest Super Bowl Commercial Is – Yeezy.”

One thing that remains certain is that Yeh will always talk to people.

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