Kanye West slammed for ‘using and exploiting’ wife Bianca Censori as rapper posts ‘almost’ nude photos

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: On Tuesday, Kanye West released his first images of 2024, showcasing a collection of provocative photos of his wife, Bianca Censori, leaving the internet in disbelief.

Although this wasn’t the first instance of the rapper’s wife sharing revealing photos, the sequence of images left many perplexed.

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In one photo, the Australian model was photographed wearing a fur bra and panties as well as high heels, accompanied by Kanye’s caption, “No pants this year”, attracting considerable attention.

However, this action sparked controversy among fans who criticized Kanye for his behavior, expressing concern that Bianca appeared to be being exploited and used by him.

Many fans noted that in most of the images, Bianca appeared to resemble someone being held hostage or kidnapped, evoking strong feelings of discomfort and drawing comparisons to the concept of “slavery”.

“Why do his photos here give the impression of fear of the kidnapped,” one user wrote on Instagram.

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“The poor girl is being used and exploited,” added one user.

“Blink 3 times if you need help, Bianca,” another user added.

“It feels like slavery,” one of them commented.

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“Poor thing, she looks uncomfortable,” commented another

“Why do his photos here give the impression of fear of the kidnapped,” one said.

“She looks scared to death. Is she being held hostage by him,” said another.

“It’s due to human trafficking,” one added.

“She’s sad, she’s not a happy human,” added another.

Why did Kanye West marry Bianca Censori?

Us Weekly reports that the couple married for “religious reasons” and to celebrate their deep love for each other. Notably, their private ceremony in Beverly Hills last year was both real and legal, solidifying their engagement.

“Kanye and Bianca legally got married last year when they had their private ceremony in Beverly Hills, it was real and legal,” the source added.

Their decision to marry was motivated by religious reasons and a desire to celebrate their deep love. The fact that they were “so in love” stood out as the main motivation for their wedding ceremony.

(Getty Images, Facebook)
Kanye married Bianca for love (Getty Images, Facebook)

Bianca Censori’s ex reveals she was never a ‘fan’ of Kanye West

During an open conversation with producers Fitzy and Wippa from Nova FM, Nick, who chose to keep his last name private, shared his thoughts on Kanye West’s wife and ex-girlfriend, Bianca.

Nick and Bianca had a six-year relationship that began during their college and university years, but their relationship dates back to their teenage years.

Nick explained: “Bianca and I dated for six years and have known each other since we were teenagers.” Their journey began in the Melbourne suburb of Ivanhoe when they met around the age of 14 in 2007, officially becoming a couple in 2014.

He revealed that Bianca wasn’t a fan of the rapper back when they were in middle school and university. Despite his initial reservations, he expressed no surprise at her later success and fame in the United States, noting: “Bianca was always bigger than Melbourne, and we both knew it.”

During a trip to America, she even shared her aspiration to live there one day.

(Getty Images and Instagram@bianca.censori_official)
Bianca never liked Kanye in college (Getty Images and [email protected]_official)

Kanye West has ‘weird’ rules for Bianca Censori to make her Kim 2.0

According to a report from the Daily Mail, Kanye West has established a set of guidelines for Bianca, which include directives to remain silent and adhere to his chosen attire.

A source revealed that Bianca is forced to eat specific foods and work out, even though Kanye himself doesn’t work out.

The insider further indicated that Bianca apparently behaves as if she lacks an independent spirit, meekly complying with Kanye’s instructions because he has cultivated the belief that they are a “royal” couple.

Kanye West and his wife Bianca Censori claimed to have an in-house designer (Photo by MEGA/GC Images)
Kanye has rules for his wife Bianca (Photo by MEGA/GC Images)

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