Kate Beckinsale finally reveals what caused her week-long hospital stay as she slams ‘hole’ followers.

Kate Beckinsale has revealed that a hole in her esophagus led to her week-long, mysterious hospitalization earlier this year.

The “Serendipity” star shared a video of herself on Instagram Monday in a barely-there outfit to promote “holes” who were trolling her page, but she ultimately found herself having to defend her weight loss after a critic commented that her “ass ran away.”

“No, actually. I watched my stepfather [director Roy Battersby] dies quite shockingly, my mother has stage 4 cancer, and I lost a lot of weight from stress and grief, quite quickly,” she replied to the commenter.

Beckinsale, 50, said she spent six weeks in the hospital because the grief “burned a hole” in her esophagus, which caused her to “vomit copious amounts of blood.”

“I found eating very difficult and I was just working very very hard on a film which was actually quite exciting because it also involved the subject of my father’s death, so I don’t really care what you think of my ass,” she continued.

“Maybe you should mind your own f-king ass,” concluded the actress. “I suggest sticking something up – like a big pineapple or a brick.”

Beckinsale announced in March that she was hospitalized but did not provide a reason for her medical scare. She continued to post updates over the next month and later hinted via a T-shirt that she was dealing with “stomach issues.”

The “Underworld” star attended her first public event in early May after being released, and her fresh look sparked speculation that she had gone under the knife. She immediately shut down the rumors.

“I used to pluck the st out of my eyebrows … I had a fuller face like most of us do in our late teens and 20s. Makeup techniques were matte, not nearly as shiny,” she wrote on social media at the time.

Weeks later, Beckinsale was forced to defend her appearance again when followers expressed concern about her weight.

“I’m trying to survive what feels like unbearable losses, reactivated PTSD from discovering my very young father’s nearly dead body as a very young child alone at night, and working to support the family I left behind,” she shared.

“What you think about my appearance and how I should look, regardless of any circumstances in my life and my family, does not matter.”

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