Kevin Durant’s reaction to Steph Curry’s three after Warriors vs Suns went viral

Kevin Durant couldn’t contain his emotions after watching Steph Curry hit an incredible three-pointer. As most members of the basketball community should know by now, Durant and Curry are former teammates and won 2 championships together with the Golden State Warriors.

Although Steph has remained loyal to the Warriors throughout his career, KD has switched teams several times to improve his chances of winning an NBA Championship and currently plays for the Phoenix Suns. Now that their history has been referenced, fans may be interested to find out what happened during their recent matchup.

Kevin Durant was mesmerized by Steph Curry’s game-winning three-pointer.

As the Suns and Warriors faced off in an intense matchup, the game kept fans on the edges of their seats and completely engrossed. Both Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry gave their all to help their respective teams win the match.

The game came down to the final seconds with Curry and the Warriors down by 2 points. On their last possession, Steph caught the ball and promptly hit a three-pointer from beyond the three-point line. The try went ahead and gave GSW a 1-point lead with less than a second left in the game, making it the game-winner.

After seeing what Curry just did for his team, footage of KD’s reaction during a timeout made NBA fans so happy. Some even went so far as to assume that Durant was regretting leaving Steph after Curry made that shot, “Why did I have to leave that person?

Although Steph and the Warriors were able to win the game, their poor performance as a team this season has drawn much scrutiny and criticism. However, their last few games might suggest that GSW is on the verge of turning things around.

Curry and the Warriors have won 6 of their last 7 games

In the last 6 games, the Golden State Warriors have played twice against the Philadelphia 76ers, Memphis Grizzlies, Brooklyn Nets, Atlanta Hawks, Indiana Pacers and Phoenix Suns. Curry and the Warriors have won all of those games with the exception of their matchup against the Atlanta Hawks, which went into overtime.

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As fans can tell from their recent games, the Golden State Warriors are regaining momentum and look like a championship-caliber team to win the NBA title in 2022. However, 7 games is too small a sample size to tell. GSW has certainly turned things around. The Warriors’ play over the next few weeks will shed more light on what they are capable of achieving this season.

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