Kristin Cavallari confirms she got breast implants and a lift after breastfeeding three children

Kristin Cavallari is coming clean.

The “Laguna Beach” alum confirmed that she got breast implants and a lift after breastfeeding her and Jay Cutler’s three children.

After the former reality star, 37, posted a clip from her “Let’s Be Honest” podcast on Instagram on Tuesday, in which she admitted that she did her “bumps twice,” one of her followers expressed confusion.

“I thought she just got a breast?” asked the social media user.

Cavallari responded, “I did both after breastfeeding. Everyone acting like I lied about it when I was never asked specifically about implants themselves.

“I said in an interview YEARS ago that I had a lift (which, to me, felt like I was revealing more than I really needed to) but I never once denied having implants,” she concluded.

The “Hills” alum did not provide further details.

She and Cutler, 41, were married from 2013 to 2020 and have son Camden, 11, son Jaxon, 10, and daughter Saylor, 8.

Cavallari revealed her breast lift during an August 2022 Instagram Story Q&A session.

“I’ll keep it real with you,” she wrote at the time. “We got a lift after breastfeeding all 3 kids.”

As for Botox, the “Tre Cavallari” alum insisted she “never had” those injections because her facial “lines don’t bother” her.

She wrote, “My concern is that we don’t know the long term effects of it (and I don’t mean 5-10 years, I mean like 20 years) and I think your face is a muscle, so we have to work it out just like we would with any other muscle.”

Cavallari’s implant confirmation comes one week after she told podcast listeners that she was down to 102 pounds during her “unhappy” marriage to the former NFL star.

“I was very thin,” she said on the June 11 episode. “I was skin and bones. I looked like shit.”

The former MTV personality has been publicly dating 24-year-old TikToker Mark Estes since February.

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