“Land of Women” Episode 2 Takeaway: How Julia’s jaw-dropping confession affects Gala

Contains a spoiler for “Land of Women” episode 2

BARCELONA, SPAIN: The latest Apple TV+ sensation, “Land of Women,” continues to captivate audiences with its mix of comedy and drama, anchored by compelling characters navigating tumultuous changes.

In Episode 1, viewers delve deeper into the turbulent journey of Gala (Eva Longoria) as she, along with her mother Julia (Carmen Maura) and daughter Kate (Victoria Bazua), struggle with the situation of a missing husband and the resulting debts that have uprooted their . lives from New York to a picturesque Spanish village.

In the midst of this turmoil, Julia’s revelation of a long-kept family secret about Gala’s father serves as a pivotal moment, unraveling deeper layers of their shared history and intensifying the emotional stakes within the family unit.

As secrets unravel and tensions flare, “Land of Women” promises yet another gripping chapter in this moving tale of resilience, family ties and the complexity of starting over in unfamiliar territory.

Julia’s confession shocks Gala to the core in “Land of Women” Episode 2

Eva Longoria, Victoria Bazúa and Carmen Maura in a 'Land of Women' photo shoot (@appletv+)
Eva Longoria, Victoria Bazúa and Carmen Maura in a ‘Land of Women’ photo shoot (@appletv+)

One of the most shocking revelations in Episode 2 is Julia’s confession that Gala’s father is not dead, as she has led her to believe her whole life.

This lie deeply affects Gala, shaking the foundation of her understanding of her genealogy.

Julia’s decision to leave her small town and never return is rooted in the stigma she faced for her promiscuity and the fear of her pregnancy.

Her departure without even a letter to her sister, Mariona (Gloria Muñoz), paints a picture of a woman fleeing not only a place, but a past she was desperate to escape.

That revelation adds layers to Julia’s character, portraying her as someone who made difficult, perhaps selfish, choices in an attempt to protect herself and her unborn child.

Why is Mariona bitter towards Julia in “Land of Women” Episode 2?

Gloria Muñoz as Mariona in a photo of
Gloria Muñoz as Mariona in a “Land of Women” photo shoot (@appletv+)

Julia’s sister, Mariona, plays a crucial role in this unfolding drama. Mariona’s bitterness towards Julia stems from a broken promise that Julia swore to keep in touch but disappeared without a trace.

That abandonment left Mariona with unresolved anger and resentment, feelings that now bubble to the surface with Julia’s return.

That strained relationship adds another dynamic to the family’s complex story, promising emotionally charged interactions in future episodes.

Gala’s reaction to the news about her father will be pivotal in the coming episodes. Her mother’s lie fundamentally changes her perception of her identity and genealogy.

Julia’s strained relationship with Mariona will likely evolve, providing poignant moments of reconciliation or further conflict.

“Land of Women” episodes 1 and 2 are available for streaming on Apple TV+

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