“Land of Women” Episode 4: Andrew vs. Pastor, whose side will Julia take?

Contains spoilers for “Land of Women” Episode 4

BARCELONA, SPAIN: Episode 4 of ‘Land of Women’ has officially been released on Apple TV+, and the mystery surrounding Gala’s (Eva Longoria) real father seems to be deepening.

In “Land of Women” Episode 3, Julie initially believes that Andreu (Pep Anton Muñoz) is Gala’s biological father and tries to extort money from him.

However, her sister Mariona (Gloria Muñoz), who is also Andreu’s wife, later reveals that this cannot be the case because Andreu is sterile.

“Land of Women” Episode 4 complicates things further when Andreu reveals to Julia that he is not sterile; instead, he lied because Mariona cannot conceive a child, making him a possible father to Gala.

Who is Gala’s real father?

Eva Longoria as Gala in a photo shoot of
Eva Longoria as Gala in “Land of Women” photo shoot (@appletv+)

In “Land of Women” Episode 3, during the night, Julia wakes up with thoughts of a man from her past sexual relationship.

During her youth, Julie had a sexual relationship with a local priest (Joan Pera) and suspects that he could possibly be Gala’s father.

In “Land of Women” Episode 4, Julia confides in the priest, sharing this information about her past relationship with him.

Later, he decides to reveal the situation to the congregation during a church meeting, sparking gossip and speculation among the community members.

He wants to step into the role of Gala’s father after learning that he could be her biological father, and his actions indicate that he has feelings for Julie.

Joan Pera like Priest and Carmen Maura like Julia in a still of
Joan Pera as Pastor and Carmen Maura as Julia in a still from “Land of Women” Episode 4 (@appletv+)

This newfound possibility of fatherhood prompts him to show care and concern towards Gala and Julie.

In “Land of Women” Episode 4, Andreu also reveals his secret to Julie. This revelation indicates that he is not only willing to acknowledge the possibility of being Gala’s father but also to face the consequences of his past decisions honestly.

The identity of Gala’s real father remains uncertain, but there is a strong possibility that Andreu could be her biological father.

This speculation arises from the fact that Andreu was in a long-term relationship with Julia, containing a significant time during which Julia could have been pregnant.

Will Julia prioritize her past with Andreu or her relationship with the Priest?

Carmen Maura as Julia in a still from
Carmen Maura as Julia in a still from “Land of Women” Episode 4 (@appletv+)

Both Andreu and the priest are ready to take responsibility for Julia and Gala, showing no fear of possible judgment from the people of La Muga.

Julia finds herself at a crossroads, initially convinced that Andreu could be Gala’s father due to their long history together.

However, considering the priest as an alternative reflects her uncertainty and the emotional complexity of the situation.

Even if Andreu turns out to be Gala’s biological father, Julia may hesitate to choose him because of his marriage to her sister, Mariona. This complex family dynamic could strongly influence Julia’s decision-making process.

She might lean towards choosing the priest and might falsely claim to him that he is Gala’s father to gain his support during difficult times.

The priest has already informed the church community about the possibility of being Gala’s father, indicating that he is ready to accept responsibility.

Pep Anton Muñoz as Andreu in a photo of
Pep Anton Muñoz as Andreu in a “Land of Women” photo shoot (@appletv+)

However, having a relationship with a priest is considered a sin, so people in La Muga can pressure Julie and the priest to leave the area.

This social and religious tension could complicate their situation, despite the priest’s willingness to take responsibility for Gala.

He may find himself forced to choose between staying with Julia and leaving the Church. It would be interesting to see who Julia ultimately chooses.

How to stream ‘Land of Women’?

Carmen Maura as Julia in a still of
Carmen Maura as Julia in a “Land of Women” photo shoot (@appletv+)

“Land of Women” Episodes 1-4 are currently available for streaming on Apple TV+.

New Episodes of “Land of Women” will be released every Wednesday, offering viewers a weekly dose of drama, romance and suspense.

With a competitive pricing structure, enjoy all the entertainment of Apple TV+ for a monthly subscription fee, making high-quality content accessible to a wide audience.

The base price of Apple TV+ is $9.99 per month. For this payment, viewers gain access to the platform’s full library of original series and movies.

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