“Land of Women” Episode 4: Kate’s gender identity may have influenced the betrayal of this key character

Contains spoilers for “Land of Women” Episode 4

BARCELONA, SPAIN: The tension in “Land of Women” reaches new heights as Gala (Eva Longoria) grapples with the devastating impact of Fred’s (James Purefoy) shocking betrayal.

In “Land of Women” Episode 1, Gala’s luxurious life in New York comes crashing down when her husband Fred borrows $15 million from a criminal organization.

In “Land of Women” Episode 3, Gala learns that Fred is with another woman, and by Episode 4, she discovers that he took that woman to the Monte Carlo hotel where he originally promised to celebrate their anniversary.

However, why is Fred cheating on Gala? Let’s discuss!

Does Kate’s gender identity play a major role in Fred’s betrayal?

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Victoria Bazua as Kate in “Land of Women” photo shoot (@appletv+)

In “Land of Women” Episode 4, it is revealed that Kate (Victoria Bazua) was born as a boy, but over time, she underwent a transformation and started living as a girl. She also takes hormone pills as part of her transition to living as a girl.

In Episode 1, Fred suddenly left his family, and Gala hasn’t heard from him since. Despite this absence, a few glimpses into their past reveal that Kate and Fred shared a close and loving bond.

However, it appears that Fred left his family partly because of his infidelity and partly because of Kate’s gender identity.

It is possible that Fred wanted a son who could potentially inherit and advance his business interests. Despite his love for Kate, her transition likely presented challenges to his public image and personal ambitions.

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James Purefoy as Fred in “Land of Women” photo shoot (@appletv+)

The social expectations and pressures around gender roles and identity could have influenced Fred’s decisions and strained his relationship with Kate and Gala.

In “Land of Women” Episode 3, viewers already saw how some people in La Muga behaved after learning about Kate’s gender identity, making her feel sad for being transgender. A similar reaction may have occurred among people in New York after discovering the truth.

This could explain why Fred simply left Kate with Gala after taking out a loan from a criminal organization, showing no concern for Kate’s safety or well-being.

He may have felt ashamed and didn’t want to appear in a negative light in front of Kate, so he chose to leave. This decision left Gala to navigate the aftermath on her own.

Can Gala ever get revenge on Fred?

Fred leaves Gala in trouble
James Purefoy as Fred and Eva Longoria as Gala in “Land of Women” (@appletv+)

Gala is made aware of Fred’s infidelity through incriminating emails that reveal a woman making plans to meet him. Gala finds herself in a state of shock as she navigates life in La Muga, trying to establish herself by working in the wine business.

Gala, already financially strained and without resources, faces escalating tension in La Muga when Tony’s (Ben Temple) men arrive over Fred’s unpaid debt.

She suspects that Fred might be in Monte Carlo after discovering the email. Tony plans to look for him there, but Fred’s intelligence makes it unlikely that Tony will find him.

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Gala, Kate and everyone move to La Muga in “Land of Women” (@appletv+)

It’s possible that Fred and his lover were planning a scheme all along through their email exchanges, possibly hiding elsewhere.

These emails could be a tactic to deceive both Tony and Gala, creating uncertainty about Fred’s actual whereabouts and complicating efforts to track him down.

If Tony doesn’t locate Fred, Gala could find herself burdened with the responsibility of repaying the debt.

How to stream ‘Land of Women’?

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Carmen Maura as Julia in a “Land of Women” photo shoot (@appletv+)

“Land of Women” Episodes 1-4 are currently available for streaming on Apple TV+.

New Episodes of “Land of Women” will be released every Wednesday, offering viewers a weekly dose of drama, romance and suspense.

With a competitive pricing structure, enjoy all the entertainment of Apple TV+ for a monthly subscription fee, making high-quality content accessible to a wide audience.

The base price of Apple TV+ is $9.99 per month. For this payment, viewers gain access to the platform’s full library of original series and movies.

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